landscaping in a sentence

Example sentences for landscaping

He'll pursue longtime interests in architecture, landscaping, literature.
Invasive species are being introduced from exotic landscaping features being planted around homes.
There is talk of extending that to ten other low-wage industries, including landscaping and meat-processing.
Writer interviews members of a landscaping crew about the use of blowers in their work.
Tells about a landscaping business he started in college to support himself.
They had set up rain barrels, a bat house, and landscaping to prevent runoff.
It also captures rainwater for recycling and relies on indigenous landscaping.
Landscaping contractors could sell credits for trees and other vegetation.
Neat rows of headstones appear along well-maintained lawns and lush landscaping.
Careful landscaping eliminates the need for pesticides and irrigation.
Offered him a job for life-anything he wanted: head of landscaping, head of the machinery.
However, people can destroy it in a single planting season or with a single landscaping endeavor.
Corporate campuses often devote a large percentage of available space to landscaping, and those sweeping lawns require irrigation.
Because of their destructive landscaping, they are often killed as pests.
In the meantime, some cisterns will remain unused and the focus will turn to landscaping.
It is often rerouted and used as irrigation on landscaping or crops.
Intact wooden ties, or crossbeams, are often incorporated into retaining walls and other landscaping features.
Water is also used for laundry, sanitation and landscaping.
All-natural landscaping, dimmed exterior lights for stargazing.
Landscaping of the large walled garden was recently completed.
The home shows provide advice, products and ideas for everything from building and remodeling to decorating and landscaping.
To reduce water consumption, native landscaping is used.
The club researched the idea of the garden, looked into the landscaping and raised money from members to create a master plan.
The canopy view room has a larger seating area and a private balcony with views of the tropical landscaping.
The resort has a year-round heated pool and hot tub, with lush landscaping.
While close to shopping and dining, the property is nestled in an enclave of tropical landscaping for privacy.
Landscaping is a natural and beautiful way to keep your home cool in summer and reduce your energy bills.
If you plan to make changes to your landscaping, hire a landscape professional with experience in water conservation issues.
Supervisors of landscaping and groundskeeping workers oversee grounds maintenance work.
One of the chief sources of water consumption around the home is in landscaping.
Beauty can be maintained or improved with landscaping that saves energy.
The landscaping alone is worth a hundred thousand dollars.
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