lamplight in a sentence

Example sentences for lamplight

The pale face thus peeled in the lamplight revealed not so much rage as astonishment.
Brighter than these, shone the faces of friends in the glimmering lamplight.
He watched sleepily the flakes, silver and dark, falling obliquely against the lamplight.
In the evenings, deep snow drifts lining frozen sidewalks glow in intermittent pools of lamplight from above.
The warm glow of fireplaces and oil lamplight will further lift holiday spirits.

Famous quotes containing the word lamplight

He hung out of the window a long while looking up and down the street. The world's second metropolis. In the brick house... more
I am fifty-one years old today. Gray hairs are getting into my brow; hair grows perceptibly thinner, but no baldness yet... more
Last night I fled until I came To streets where leaking casements dripped Stale lamplight from the corpse o... more
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