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Example sentences for lamented

Over the last five years the vast majority of articles on bilingual education have lamented its failure.
One president lamented to me recently about the amenities and services demanded by students and parents.
He also lamented the growing influence of public sector unions, as well as overregulation of private business.
The book lamented this fundamental loss-and its social, psychological and even political implications.
For more than two millennia, people had lamented that deforestation had resulted in rising temperatures.
He lamented decisions by lawmakers that he said do not favor seniors.
Commentators have lamented the dwindling number of students majoring in the humanities, but the picture may not be that bleak.
Some educators have lamented that teenagers are fretting about college at increasingly younger ages.
He made a habit of correcting students who used the word, and lamented the linguistic sloppiness in hallway conversations.
Others lamented that she was shocked, depressed, bewildered.
He loved horse racing-but lamented any exploitation of the animals.
After the act is accomplished the murdered animal is bewailed and lamented.
Having lamented that the poor don't pay enough taxes, they propose that the rich pay too much.
Announcing the meeting, the sovereign's grand steward lamented the way political strings had been pulled.
Other responses lamented the lack of jobs for new nurses in the area.

Famous quotes containing the word lamented

It is to be lamented that the principle of national has had very little nourishment in our country, and, in... more
Our Indian said that he was a doctor, and could tell me some medicinal use for every plant I could show him ... proving ... more
It is remarkable, but on the whole, perhaps, not to be lamented, that the world is so unkind to a new book.... more
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