lamentably in a sentence

Example sentences for lamentably

Lamentably, evolutionary psychologists are well known for replicating such biases in their research and public writing.
The process is lamentably patchy and far from complete.
And firms have been lamentably slow to build trade links with these fast-growing economies.
But calm, public discussion of their benefits and drawbacks has been lamentably lacking.
Yet our efforts at increasing the data pool are lamentably poor.
The two major parties have a stranglehold on government, lamentably.
Lamentably, not too many years were left to us to prove him right.
As a result, the term management-by-litigation lamentably applies all too often.
Indicators have lamentably been enshrouded with mystery.
It was lamentably funny lie was dripping, shorn of his glory and in a sorry plight.

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