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Example sentences for lamentable

But it's lamentable that this product even needs to exist.
But matters are far worse than the naïve reader would conclude from his pointed emphasis on the lamentable plight of the reviewer.
It's definitely lamentable that the concept of high fidelity seems to be largely a lost relic.
The bounding one's current return to the screen has about it a lamentable air of anachronism.
The loss of infantrymen is lamentable when the army is so thinly stretched, but the reforms seem sound.
McLuhan was an eccentric, but calling him a clown is a lamentable excuse for not reading his important works.
It is certainly lamentable that the nuclear non-proliferation regime has been crumbling.
But the story of missed opportunities is lamentable and the degree of execution risk formidable.
Pushing products in traditionally lamentable zoo shops helps.
Bleating about their lamentable plight doesn't suffice.
Given the lamentable history of state intervention in business, they say, this does not bode well.
To anyone who has benefitted from higher education and considers themselves informed and educated, the situation is lamentable.
But some lamentable hiring practices have been stubbornly persistent, and statistically transparent.
In any case, all this is the lamentable legacy of the past.
Surely this is the key to understanding the difference between a pleasurable withdrawal and a lamentable failure.
Contradiction, even hypocrisy, seems to be a lamentable trait of mammoth publishers.
Monstrous fellow who was bumped off in a lamentable fashion.
In many localities the opportunities for the children of the really poor are lamentable indeed.
The quotation exhibits a lamentable lack of understanding of what evolution actually does say.
Is it lamentable, it is not if there is no undertaker.
Perhaps only later developments will succeed in changing these lamentable conditions.
So lamentable a sight much affected the enemies themselves, who viewed them in respectful silence.
The result is a lamentable loss of credibility and, confusingly, three competing narratives.
Lamentable indeed, but he need not fear the imminent end of all bookstores if my experience is anything to go by.
Those measures were lamentable, but not irreversible.
Our sympathy goes out to the families of the policemen killed and injured in this lamentable event.
The facts of this case, while not complex, are especially lamentable.
The loss is lamentable and there is little likelihood that it can be remedied.
Your use of scare tactics and deception to discredit others ideas to improve the system is lamentable.
The lack of medical evidence in this case is lamentable.

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