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My first comment in response to you is more of a general lament about modern science than a specific dig at cognitive studies.
There he managed to meld abstraction and antiquity, painting and drawing, lament and reverie.
Some businesses lament this fact when bad reviews start costing them business.
Advocates of hybrid technology often lament the high cost of the cars.
Any number of news media stories lament the unpreparedness of camp shelters for the coming deluge.
The glare from the sun was bad, it was said, which is a tried-and-true loser's lament in baseball.
US private-sector firms lament a lack of clear and consistent policy on clean energy.
And no people were around to lament the lack of air conditioning or to be bothered by dragon flies with three foot wingspans.
Depending on your view of the admissions landscape, this is either great news-or something to lament.
Philosophers themselves know this and often lament this, but have continued to make sure that nothing is done about it.
Her lament is for the depth of a garden of trees, where honey and wine grow not.
If only, they lament, the government would give them the means to do something about it.
In their haste to applaud or lament this tale, both sides of the debate tend to overlook some nuances.
The book is not only a cultural history of the elements, it is also a lament to the loss of science as a hobby.
But this book is rather more than the usual lament about the failings of economics.
Firms also lament that even public bodies have trouble securing land rights for big projects.
Then, the next week, your other half will lament how idiots don't listen to the technocrats and woe is our nation for that.
The last time the world tried to eliminate malaria, some scientists lament, the world eliminated malariologists.
T oday, people who remember those days never cease to lament how the capital has changed.
Still, the move will be as much a cause for lament as celebration.
At the heart of that lament, inevitably, is the debilitating emotional cost of combat.
Paleontologists lament that once specimens disappear into private collections, they're lost to scientific study.
Don't lament when the sun isn't shining-this could be your lucky break.
Some lament the challenges and others applaud the rewards of the quiet sport.
Some consumers lament an inability to afford service and lack of access in their community.
Each generation seems to lament the characteristics of the generations that follow.

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