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There was a reason her students who turned in lame term papers could also churn out perfectly fine blogs.
The corn-spirit was probably thus represented as lame because he had been crippled by the cutting of the corn.
There was always a snag, a cultural misstep or lame alliteration.
He walked out on two wives, without even a lame excuse.
So, no impact and images of engineers with either lame social skills or raging office politics.
But if it is a joke, it's a pretty freaking lame one.
That's sad and lame and people looking back from a future perspective will wonder what the blazes was wrong with us.
His pokes at the industry and various stars were lame, and the audience didn't seem to want him there anyway.
The whole show is full of tired ideas and lame execution.
And for you to be more appalled by the actions of the one who placed the camera is really lame in my opinion.
They almost redeem the lame results of the study itself.
Please stop wasting tax payer dollars with lame promises of great what ever.
If you wish to teach your children such nonsense, then homeschool where lame propaganda can remain unchallenged.
For that reason, it should avoid its predecessor's fate, which led to the government supporting lame ducks rather than winners.
The president now finds himself accused of being both a warmonger for entering the war and a wimp for his lame prosecution of it.
When he stands her up and offers a lame excuse, she has to decide whether to believe him.
Perhaps the way will be cleared for legislative proposals during the lame duck session after the election.
And that's a really lame discovery for the undeveloped world.
It sounds lame, and it is: virtual trade shows inhabited by eager sales avatars and their potential clients.
Impossible to believe that a dramatic adaptation could be anything other than a lame cash-in on the anniversary.
Spirit's busted wheel is not the only lame limb on the now aging rovers.
There are certainly lots of lame articles in newspapers.

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