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Plant low-growing groundcovers between dry-laid pavers.
Decorative and functional, a dry-laid flagstone and mulch path leads the way to a patio retreat.
It was really fun to see it all laid out on the table.
She's eating and drinking, and yesterday, she laid an egg.
No privileged or subsidiary motion can be laid on the table, postponed definitely or indefinitely, or committed.
He rose, laid some money on the table, and sat down again.
And when they had fulfilled all that was written of him, they took him down from the tree, and laid him in a sepulchre.
On many stretches the tarmac, laid to withstand only light traffic, has sagged dangerously.
Publishers will lose a showcase for their wares, which could mean more laid-off editors.
Many of the new jobless are civil servants, including health workers and teachers, laid off by regional governments.
Second is financial regulation: its flaws have been laid bare, and the summiteers will want to put it right.
First, worker-laid eggs that occur in other subspecies hatch into males.
But the decision has laid down one stone on the road to statehood.
If a recession is beginning and employees have to be laid off, a dedicated workforce might be a weakness.
They are likely to return to familiar rates of growth per worker, though not all laid-off workers will benefit from the upturn.
Weaknesses in funding and business models have been laid horribly bare.
It also includes tips from four who made the leap from the high-pressure to laid-back life.
For laid-off workers, community colleges offer job-certification programs that teach new skills and professions.
Also altered were the hearing procedures for professors who were dismissed for cause or laid off.
Information is laid out in a thoughtful way that is also aesthetically appealing.
Past reports have also laid out the wide range of graduation rates among colleges grouped by selectivity.
In my humble opinion, they should not have been laid off.
Often you can find next steps and research gaps directly laid out in the conclusions of research papers.
The other two frogs mated with males and laid eggs that hatched and grew to adulthood.
Next: a fossilized oyster bed-replete with fossil pearls, people say-laid down when the shifting shores had created a bay.
Cowbird mothers keep watch on the nests where they've laid their eggs.
The eminent scholar has handled many ancient texts during a long career but had never laid eyes on one so damaged.
More than three million people are crammed into this loud, laid-back city.
The rock garden, which fronts the abbot's quarters, was laid out around this time as a place for the monks to meditate.
The rocks here are made up of sediments laid down in an ancient sea.
The skin's base layer is the subcutis, which includes a seam of fat laid down as a fuel reserve in case of food shortage.
The cloth is laid in the sun to dry before being cut and transformed into this lightly quilted jacket.
Then he put on her clothes, dressed himself in her cap, laid himself in bed and drew the curtains.
He began to paint by making slow measured marks on the paper, which was laid on the ground.
But the maiden laid it to heart daily, and thought she must deliver her brothers.
The atmosphere, therefore, is decidedly inclusive and laid-back.
More than a thousand years ago the corpses had been neatly laid to rest on wide wooden shelves, the researchers speculate.
The system had already been neatly laid out in books.
She then pierced a hole in the center of the pancake with the back of her thumb, and laid it in the skillet.
As the party laid out a picnic, a sudden downpour sent its members scurrying for cover.
Determining who laid those eggs is a difficult task.
The core is laid out in special holders on the core-receiving catwalk.
But if one could watch neurons communicate, one might be able to deduce how brain circuits are laid out and how they function.
The thin films can be laid down on windows as they are being produced and wouldn't require additional infrastructure.
People have been studying and judging each other since one first laid eyes on another.
In ground-based designs, fluid in tubes laid in the ground provides the heat transfer.
What you are saying is that the chicken hatched from the egg and then laid the first egg.
Several of the quants in the room had already laid claim, in some form or another, to the possession of alpha.
Their discovery reduced genetics to chemistry and laid the foundations for the next half a century of biology.
When the resulting animals themselves laid eggs, they contained milligram amounts of the desired antibodies.
And the females laid almost the same amount of eggs fertilized by males bearing real or phony gifts.
The tedious act of trying to get laid is a fantastic, magical journey.
Laying odds that this is conscious, and the game will eventually be laid bare.
These studies laid the foundation for the science of mechanics.
When given to mice, the drugs presumably calmed down the animals' over-active immune systems, which then laid off the pancreas.
To trim weight, researchers have tried several approaches, including the use of thin films of materials laid down as inks.
Their pants and shirts are laid out in human positions and completely intertwined with one another.
There's a big, open brick room with few long communal tables laid in advance with mismatched silverware.
The bricks are laid, the gear system perfected, the vertical fire cage for the rotisserie in place.
The tape could be laid down in one motion, potentially shortening patients' time in surgery.
To make working transistors, the researchers laid down lines of aluminum using a lithography technique.
Flat panels laid flat on the roof would collect more energy.
Perhaps more remarkably, they also prove that strands in a zero twist configuration will always be laid at a specific pitch angle.
The companies laid out seven major points that they hoped the legislation would address.
Only a rudimentary knowledge of grammar is required because the syntax is already laid out for you.
With a diameter bigger than a hundred earths laid out in a line, the sun is big-really big.
And once laid, the rail and ties must be maintained and inspected.
Nerve impulses traverse the body through a vast system of neurons laid out end to end, not quite touching.
Methodically she laid out the rent arrears, the rate of repayment.
First, she laid a small cluster of eggs on the earthen floor.
The company has also laid off some of its contract workers and employees.
Suddenly, the ugliness of rank sectarianism had been laid bare.
The turtle picked a lush bed of mulch and mud, near a rose bush, and laid her eggs.
Back in it goes, until the piece is laid out on page and is found to be too long, so out it comes again.
Soon she was in such bad shape that she too was laid out on a gurney.
Nor did the splicing of the cable take place after the two ships had laid their shares of the cable from opposite shores.
Then he had a new audio track laid over the film so that ga was replaced with the sound ba.
What exists does not depend on whether or not you have laid eyes on it or seen empirical evidence for it.
The evidence, thus laid out on the gray metal desktop, seems clear.
Their dreams may be laid down in memory in the same way as other events during the day.
The effigy was laid to rest in a pit with the tools of his trade: a thong smoother, a hunting arrow, and the jaws of a horse.
Also, wasps paralyze their prey with their sting, and then plant them next to a previously-laid egg.
Then they had laid the corpse upon it and lit a fire.
Still, even the best-laid slide can sometimes throw a wrench in engineers' plans.
He was a walking blind taste test: you had to decide if you approved of him before you laid eyes on him.
The food is amazing, the beaches are heaven, and the vibe is decidedly laid-back.
The groundwork for his political ascent had been laid long before he decided to run.
He had a vision, of an entirely new role for himself, one that suited a laid-back lifestyle as he reshaped his old image.
He then laid out evidence he had gathered supporting the murdered mayor's allegations.
They got jobs at the places that had laid off their uncles.
Some sixty short texts are laid out according to the alphabetical order of their headings.
He has gradually laid its ground in his eleven previous books.
His agent and publisher have never laid eyes on him.
Its dense endnotes, testament to a vast hinterland of scholarship, are clearly laid out and easy to locate.
He closed his eyes again, and laid his great head back down.
First, it is a doctrine of reversal-of the poor lifted up and the rich laid low.
As the economic slump persists, companies are becoming stingier with the severance packages they offer laid-off workers.
It is a familiar scene these days: employees taking newly laid-off co-workers out for a consolation drink.
Whether you're fired or laid-off, joining the ranks of the unemployed is not exactly a feel-good event.
And throughout her writing, she laid bare her belief that the revolution should shun even the slightest hint of incrementalism.
The inside story of the investigation-and the catastrophe it laid bare.
She received the nickel and then fished the other nickel out of her pocket and laid it beside the new one.
Many of us were laid off during the recession at an unfortunate age.
Everywhere these populations have been laid down originally in more or less distinct strata.
No less significant were his genial, gravel-voiced vocals, which laid the foundation for all subsequent pop singing.
As manufacturers have laid off blue collar workers, they've been hiring more college grads.
Several militants groups have laid down their arms or integrated into the national army.
The same is true of big solar and wind generating plants and the power lines that will be laid down to move electricity around.
The next day the families of the dead came on buses, and laid flowers and cried.
They laid him on the floor in the back room of a farmhouse.
Getting laid off is a big shock, but how you react makes all the difference.

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