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It is sharing technical knowledge on sewage-lagoon management, water-quality monitoring, and recycling.
In summer, the lagoon bordering the central business district smells of sewage.
We lowered two red skiffs from our research vessel, loaded our diving gear, and sped off toward the lagoon.
Landscapers built a lagoon for koi carp and swans that would be sustained with reclaimed wastewater generated by guests.
The uneven stone rim and creeping vegetation enhance the lazy lagoon mood.
The streets huddle together, dark and dense, while all around laps the watery lagoon.
We'd been in the lagoon for a few hours, and the current kept us moving.
His patio features exotic furnishings, flamboyant plants, and the colors of a lush lagoon.
When the weekend weather is good during boating season, as many as a hundred boats try to visit the lagoon.
The first lagoon is bubbly and dark, with anaerobic bacteria digesting the organic matter to reduce odor.
Once they grow big enough in the mangrove, the fish swim out to patch reefs in the lagoon.
The swim back across the lagoon is uneventful, even refreshing compared with the open lake.
The cool green of the garden, filled with tropical plants and exotic birds, looks out over the distant lagoon.
The interior is covered with dense tropical vegetation bordering a lagoon.
Trails take you around a freshwater lagoon, a salt marsh and a maritime forest, each full of wildlife and interesting plants.
It gets flushed out into an open lagoon, where it is stored until farmers can use it on what few crops they do grow.
Traveling on foot, you'll explore rugged craters and lagoon waterfalls, freshwater ponds and tranquil sea coves.
We stayed at a small resort that was situated on a small islet in the inner lagoon.
Its survival may depend upon a decision to banish the large oil tankers, thus allowing the lagoon to resume its previous level.
The beach is rock cobble on the ocean side of the lagoon.

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