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Example sentences for lagging

First, behavioral problems are best understood as an outcome of lagging cognitive skills, not attempts at manipulation.
But lagging behind that technical adoption are all the legal and business things required to do this type of development.
Meanwhile, lagging opponents have multiple avenues for catching up.
The result is a misalignment between the emerging imperatives of smart business and the lagging sensibilities of old laws.
The military's management of troop nutrition, however, is lagging.
Cadavers were once the only source of human growth hormone, used to treat children whose physical development is lagging.
And chides the lagging night, and whets her hungry beak.
Of course, employment is what economists term a lagging indicator.
And all three can be recycled, though a lagging market leads some recycling locations to limit what they'll accept.
Besides science, another area that is lagging is the court system.
The lagging end does not do any retrograde stretching which would conflict with other spaceships that may be on your tail.
But unemployment is a notoriously lagging indicator.
Instead of obsessing about revitalising lagging regions, politicians would do better to focus on the people within them.
Many economists would argue that inflation is a lagging indicator and will come down sharply as the global economy slows.
Though this is bad for consumers, whose wage rises are lagging prices, it is good news for farmers.
But the economy is lagging far behind that prediction, with no chance of catching up before the election.
The securities business currently provides the bulk of the firm's profits, while the brokerage and credit-card sides are lagging.
In the short term, however, smaller firms' fortunes are lagging.
Although those are lagging indicators, they have an effect on consumer spending.
Finally, employment is more of a lagging indicator than a leading indicator.
There are reams of stats showing blacks lagging behind whites.
The only good one was income growth, but that's a lagging indicator, as it probably even trails employment.
As for the lagging foreclosure indicators, however, it's those usual suspects that remain troubled.
Public policy is both leading and lagging in response to these demographic changes.
But imagine a ship a day, a spaceship a day, a trip to the moon a day and imagine how far we're lagging.
Engineers often mock the law for lagging behind technology.
Information, ie our understanding of what this data means on the other hand, may be lagging.
Unfortunately the authorities are always lagging behind events.
Regulations, meanwhile, are lagging far behind the new scientific possibilities.
Finally, unlike the stock market or consumer confidence, bank lending is a lagging indicator.
What's more, experts say bug spray and other lagging products shouldn't expect a rebound anytime soon.
Steel lagging is now allowed, and is not appropriate for a board foot unit of measurement.
Therefore, it looks as if the lagging will be end sawn on the slope of the road and fit tight between piles.

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