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But materials and engineering skill lagged far behind the dream.
Those that have lagged, conversely, may be underpriced and likely to outperform in the coming future.
Biomedical engineers have built many types of human organs in the lab, but they've lagged on lung tissue--until now.
Generation systems boomed, but transmission lagged behind because of the patchwork of interstate regulations and jurisdictions.
In fact, transmission investment has lagged substantially in the last two decades.
We work night-shifts and rotating shifts and fly around the globe getting jet-lagged.
The development of a global society has lagged behind the growth of a global economy.
Minorities' share of the vote, however, has always lagged their share of the population.
It explains why reductions in ozone levels in some areas have lagged despite clean air legislation.
He searched for fossils, for example, with such concentration that he often lagged behind on school outings.
Government recovery efforts have lagged far behind the problem.
Remittances are closely correlated with the number of migrant workers, lagged by about a year.
For years its spending lagged behind the rich-world average.
Yet its standing as a collectable object has always lagged behind its value as an idea.
The norm was that prices of goods on the shelves lagged commodity prices by around six months.
Without this increase in the prison-industrial complex, state employment would actually have lagged population growth.
The state has woefully lagged behind the private sector.
Until the past few years its share price has also lagged behind its rivals'.
In output and productivity growth, the euro zone has lagged behind other developed economies.
Above-average fund managers should have beaten the market, while below-average ones should have lagged it.
Then the hot money will rotate into the next natural target, silver, which has so far lagged gold's move.
But pay has lagged behind, and the wages of production workers have stagnated.
Actual pay rises, indeed, have lagged behind inflation for several years.

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