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Many federal agencies also lag in submitting relevant records to the system.
Womens recruiting budgets continue to lag behind mens in many big-time programs.
If the current recovery is indeed jobless, wages will continue to lag.
But studies lag on the blooms, which depend on a complex interplay of factors.
Melatonin supplements are popular for self-treating insomnia or jet lag.
Otherwise, the lag time could leave you missing an important destination.
Since then, however, unemployment has seemed to follow the turnaround in capacity utilization only with a long lag.
But they have tended to lag behind in terms of their profitability.
Ocean temperatures will lag because it is such a huge volume.
Punch the gas and power is instantaneous and dramatic, with not even a hint of turbo lag.
If this is the case, drill new holes and install additional lag bolts elsewhere along the base of the post.
At every stage of early development, human babies lag behind infants from other species.
And on almost any socio-economic indicator, these areas lag behind the rest of the country.
In this case, as in so many others, accounts by science journalists lag far behind the actual development of thinking.
Their facial expressions seem to lag a few beats behind their words.
Awareness and safety procedures lag far behind those in more developed economies.
It moved along through the menus speedily, and it pulled up video and pictures without much lag.
It makes all our moaning about shutter lag seem a little petty.
He conquers jet lag by refusing to leave his body in any one time-zone long enough for it to adjust.
But the growth of food supply tends to lag population.
Publishers have made e-books available in similar ways, but when it comes to required texts, they lag well behind.
There are signs of recovery, but they lag those in the rest of the country.
Faster and faster also means entering time dilation relativistic lag with the computer.
On indicators of social and economic health, these migrants lag.
Kindle's latest upgrade has also cut down on that page-turn lag mentioned in this article.
Quick on the draw with barely perceptible shutter lag.
Such adjustments take time, causing a lag between pressing the shutter-release button and actually capturing the image.
Freehand annotations should be crisp and smoothly rendered, with no lag time.
So there might be a significant lag time between when you submit an application and when the job starts anyway.
There was never any stuttering during playback, although there is a slight lag when scrolling through track lists.
Generally, inflation pushes salaries up after a lag period.
And even corporate aspirations in the rich world lag far behind how much the public expects business to contribute to society.
Shutter lag was basically non-existent, and images were sharp and nicely balanced in all situations.
Often they are not, because there has been a lag of a couple of months at this point.
Of course there's a lag phase between birth rate and migration.
Wage increases lag price increases, making wage earners poorer.
RA review the data on the lag in the effect of loosening monetary policy, and use of the money.
The second is the increasing lag between sentencing and execution.
There are as many different jet-lag remedies as there are seats on a trans-Pacific flight.
They seem to lag in age next to the other stars with which they formed-appearing hotter, and thus younger and bluer.
It's precisely the lack of lag between the birds' movements that make the flocks so astonishing.
They offer various hypotheses to explain the time lag.
Education reform is top on the government's agenda, and nearly everyone has an opinion on how to solve the learning lag.
It meant you were always reading or writing at about a two-week lag, and it took awhile to get synchronized.
If there was no time lag or if the lag was a second or longer, the sharks were equally likely to turn in either direction.
But mainly my trepidation is fed by a gloomy certainty that that sore hand will lag through the opening bars.
But this is also cultural lag and cultural rigidity.
The nine-month lag between the earthquake and cholera outbreak may be linked to continued habitation of refugee camps.
Gourmet's travel editor divulges some great ideas for hitting the beach but skipping the jet lag.
There will be a lag of two to three years with each case of resistance.
Right now there's a one- to three-year lag time between placing an order and getting a new one.
But the substantive policy might lag behind, since there's so much bilateral trade at stake.
There's nothing worse than a slow camera with hideous shutter lag that makes you miss the shot.
Real-world conditions will continue to change at a blinding pace, and the law will lag further behind, more profoundly confused.
Such things aren't easy, even for experienced travelers, in the fog created by jet lag.
But there was no excuse for a lag in fitting the respirators to individual faces and training the workers to use them.
In an effort to limit transparency, however, it does so on a lag.
The third of the three main aspects of globalisation-jobs-is following the other two, with a lag.
So momentum may simply represent the lag between beliefs and the new reality.
More importantly, construction occurs on a long lag.
The original chart creator chose the time lag, not the new chart creator.
Mainstream forecasts of job growth and inflation will continue to lag behind the improving economy until it's too late.
And in the early stages of an upturn there is often a lag between vacancies rising and unemployment falling.
Because money moves from one market to another market there is a time lag.
Their is probably a long lag for market expectations to incorporate negative real interest rates.
The growth figure is shown with a two-year lag, the hypothesis being that economic changes take time to have political effects.
Those restrictions could be loosened, but any tinkering would come into effect only after a lag, of say three days.
Online play was pretty strong, although there were some lag issues.
Retail gasoline prices typically lag the oil futures market.
We had jet lag anyway, so our bloodshot eyes were none the droopier.
And consumers may cut back on spending if their wages continue to lag inflation.
State finances tend to lag the national economy, so strength so far is no guarantee things will stay rosy.
Overall governance and development progress continues to lag security gains.

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