lacing in a sentence

Example sentences for lacing

The chancellor thought he had found a way of sweetening the low-inflation pill by lacing his budget with give-aways.
Desperate people have tried everything from firing cannons into the sky to lacing clouds with silver iodide.
Lacing the pond water with crystal meth, they repeated the lessons.
But the park offers some great opportunities to stretch one's legs by cycling or lacing up a pair of walking shoes.
It's light and stylish with partially concealed lacing and padding around the ankle area.
Then he'd spring out of bed, pulling on his sweatpants and lacing up his sneakers.
Lacing may be used as needed to supplement the interconnection of welded mesh gabions and the closing of lids.
The lower chord consists of two pairs of back-to-back angles connected by lacing.
Lacing cards can easily be made from vinyl place mats cutout in shapes and holes can be punched with hand hole-punch.
During the two-day workshops, participants will build a pair of wooden snowshoes with tubular nylon lacing.
To insure proper support for the ankles, the tightest point of lacing should be at the instep.
Pull fabric taut and secure with plastic zip-ties to the chain-link fabric at all grommets, including center lacing lip.
Installs insulation material in sheet or batt form in walls and ceilings by using nails or lacing wire.
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