lachrymose in a sentence

Example sentences for lachrymose

Often reserved, even stony, the mayor is not given to lachrymose displays of feeling.
Eventually, the whole gang is reunited in a shamelessly lachrymose musical finale.
The first half of the film plays for laughs, while the second half evolves into a lachrymose soap opera.
The poignant work was neither glibly optimistic nor self-indulgently lachrymose.
It's not that this lachrymose violin throb of a scene is historically inaccurate that makes it so objectionable.
You've made him too giddy or too moody, too lachrymose or too pretentious.
Even the ruminative middle movement shows a wistful rather than lachrymose quality.
It should be pointed out that the proceedings are not lachrymose.
Even the lachrymose incidents are so adroitly acted that they have more than a veneer of truth.
His acting, even in the would-be lachrymose scenes is not without merit.
We tend to get lachrymose over the dedication of a drawbridge.
He added, in a lachrymose tone, which would have been pathetic if it.
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