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And the orchestra can keep those pages forever, preserving the instructions that librarians laboriously pencil into scores.
Instead of laboriously punching out chads, voters simply touched a screen.
In practice it becomes another contract that must be laboriously negotiated.
The fingers get rusty, the dividends are more laboriously achieved, the memory is shakier.
He is a worse than indifferent public speaker: hunched over, reading laboriously from a text.
He would slowly and laboriously puzzle out words, letter by letter.
But a world that has laboriously to be constructed through footnotes, is likely to intrigue its creator alone.
Salt was obtained by laboriously boiling sea water in five large kettles.
Previously, to get a closer look, researchers had to spend weeks laboriously isolating cell wall parts.
The warriors and hunters were armed with knives, arrowheads, spear points and tomahawks laboriously fashioned from rocks.
The cradle with its measurable lines was first plotted on paper and then, laboriously, the shipwreck measurements followed.
Others were laboriously fashioned into furniture and implements.
Structural dynamics can be accurately, although laboriously, modeled and validated with ground test data.
Pasture, laboriously cleared of sage during the historic period, extends east from the termination of the building cluster.

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