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The rehab process takes years and is extremely labor intensive.
Here was promise of unknown fare, the kind that can make the labor of travel worth its undertaking.
Because it's labor-intensive, the process is also expensive.
History has proven that all sports labor conflicts are ultimately solved.
Students fighting against the use of sweatshop labor to manufacture apparel and other college-licensed products have a new target.
Oil money and government or government-controlled jobs, augmented by lower labor costs.
As a result, decentralized composting has lower startup costs, but is more labor intensive.
The division of labor by the two cerebral hemispheres-once thought to be uniquely human-predates us by half a billion years.
Cheryl's grandson proudly shows off the fruits of labor at his grandparents' house.
The plan is for the bots to to cut rising labor expenses and improve efficiency.
Lithography allowed cartographers to make many accurate copies of maps with less labor and expense.
Creating consistently spaced holes adds to the time and labor.
In addition to managing labor costs, nurseries are concerned about labor availability.
But the decline in their fortunes points to a signature outcome of the long downturn in the labor market.
Yes, both uteruses go into labor at the same time, so the babies would likely be born within minutes of one another.
The older stems are still tasty, but woodier, requiring more labor in the kitchen.
Labor is more or less priced at its value to society, not at an arbitrary price set by the labor itself.
Since its discovery, electricity has helped humans make labor and tools more efficient.
Beyond all the labor involved, growing vegetables requires vigilance.
Zach would pay for materials, and his parents would cover labor.
They don't physically install counter tops because they have the ability to design and they hire people to do manual labor.
That's bad for commercial growers, who want everything to fruit at once to reduce labor costs.
Deregulating the labor market is only going to be anti-inflationary in the labor market, not the broader market.
But the gathering of the knowledge that informs the simulation has been the patient labor of years.
It's amazing how much labor was involved by so many to arrive as these discoveries.
They create an undermarket of labor that drives wages down.
Now the team is showing abundant fruit from its labor.
Academic labor has lost a lot of ground, and fast, in the last few decades.
Previously, labor was excessively cheap because workers could be replaced easily.
It will always be easier to make organic brains by unskilled labor than to create a machine-based artificial intelligence.
But the holiday's origins are ancient, and have little to do with labor or politics.
The savings come from lower labor costs, lower-valued currencies, and generous incentives offered by foreign governments.
They use more labor because the relative cost of labor has declined during the boom due to inflation.
In colleges that have master's and doctoral programs, graduate students are regularly used as cheap teaching labor.
The new rolls were inspired by building managers who sought to reduce runouts and labor costs.
And malaria can stifle foreign investment, depress tourism and hinder the movement of labor between regions.
Consumer confidence is down being there has not been increase in the labor market.
Population is also the another strength for growth which provide cheap labor.
The level of manual labor is astonishing, as is the attention to detail.
But replanting them several times a year is labor-intensive.
Usually these volunteers can take home plants for a small fee in exchange for their labor.
And even when labor is cheap, it's only a small part of the equation.
And labor itself resembles the body's inflammatory response, she notes, in which foreign material is ejected from the body.
Until now, researchers believed our brain had a basic division of labor between gray matter and white matter.
They have the labor, land, all they need is seed and ag education.
Otherwise, compost bins with wire tops or sealed lids work well too, but require a little more manual labor in terms of stirring.
Rather, the so-called decline is due to a change in the mind's division of labor.
After setting out a web of anchors, the team settles into hours of monotonous labor.
The best part is there is even a rice cooker now that makes it for you, so much less labor intensive than cooking it in a pot.
Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed.
Problem is that recently that agenda has shifted towards higher wages and benefits, exceeding that of other comparable labor.
If labor is rewarded too much relative to capital, capital starves and growth and innovation is stunted.
Labor is actually a small part of the cost of produce.
Direct labor, which is all the mainstream press can see, has little or nothing to do with offshoring.
In other words, the marginal productivity of labor rises when profits are high.
He who partakes the honor, should participate in the labor.
Observers point to the flexibility of the labor market as a basic strength for future economic advances.
He's picked up temporary and day-labor work, but has not landed a steady job due to the rough economy and his ex-felon status.
They also built palaces and homes for the nobility, who collected tribute from them, as well as labor.
Labor-intensive work doesn't stop at the greenhouse.
Which is why preserving labor is now a laborious task that requires extreme care and diligence.
But labor unions do not compete against one another in the sale of labor.
The drive against sweated labor was largely successful--until recently.
Induced labor and c-sections are all the rage among patients and doctors alike.
Since the recession began, labor market participation has been falling.
But in either case, the labor market certainly isn't in a healthy state of expansion.
Knock on wood, the labor market is moving into full-on recovery speed.
Economic output equals the labor supply times labor productivity.
There are many metro areas, for example some high-immigration cities in the south, where labor supply swamps labor demand.
In which case, the overall state of the labor market is roughly the same as it has been for the past year or so.
It had relatively high labor costs, which encouraged the search for labor-saving innovations.
So she prevailed on her midwife to induce labor while she still had insurance coverage.
Businesses will see their health-coverage expenses rise from ten per cent of total labor costs to seventeen per cent.
He wanted to feel that he was investing more than his heart and his mind-he was investing his hands and his feet, his labor, too.
It was home to labor camps and used for nuclear-weapons testing.
It might be in the study of wage inequality, or labor supply responses to taxes, or whatever.
Labor is scarce in the date packer's kitchens, and stuffing dates is a whale of a trouble.
Building the largest telescope in the world takes years of labor.
Naturally due to labor and computational constraints he only wants people from particular populations.
That's too time consuming, too costly, and too labor intensive.
Plastic sorting can be done manually, but it's tedious and labor-intensive.
In particular, what didn't pan out in terms of fruitful use of labor.
We could labor away in a gray, listless, dull world.
The point of the story is that until recently making movies was totally labor-intensive.
About half of the cost of solar energy comes from installation materials and labor.
Battery manufacturing is largely automated, so labor costs aren't much of a concern, he says.
Labor relations are usually excellent, based on teamwork and shared values.
Even the cash-strapped airline industry has gone ticketless, removing huge labor and overhead costs.
What is needed is total automation, ie, the complete replacement of all human labor.
The bottom line is, vertical axis turbines are less efficient, and it takes more materials and labor to make the things.
Information technology is playing a transforming role in this traditionally labor-intensive affair.
From our resident labor humorists, an elf's tale of a certain jolly-and highly oppressive, morbidly rotund one percent.
Meanwhile, the vast pool of labor trapped on farms had all but disappeared.
Yet you quickly realize it is highly controlled-every detail is the result of meticulous labor.
One has to labor to ask him something he won't answer.
The materials, the labor, it was all chicken feed over there.
The exploited longshoremen were the lowest of the underdogs in the labor movement.
Employers seeking foreign labor certifications may print these forms for their use.
Then there will be the more radical and deeper reforms: labor law, the electoral system.
The labor movement grew slowly-spilling blood, rage, and resistance in equal parts-but it grew.
These commanders can hold people in prison, use them as servants or for forced labor, release or rearrest them.
With nowhere to go, they become a source of cheap labor for plantations and factories in special economic zones.

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