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Many mainstream manufacturers are reformulating their products to meet kosher requirements.
Kosher laws proscribe pork and shellfish and prohibit mixing meat and dairy products.
Kosher and scenic restaurants receive special attention.
Kosher turkeys are prepared under rabbinical supervision.
In a large stock pot, combine two gallons of water and two cups of kosher salt.
It's totally inappropriate, regardless of whether your home is kosher or not.
Once they take themselves out of the loop on any business decisions involving their old employers, it's all kosher.
As it turns out, net neutrality was an illusion, a theory that it was the kosher way to go.
Serving high-end kosher food seems a sure way to attract a dedicated clientele.
After the game he bought and ate a non-kosher hot dog from a street vendor.
Additionally, on occasion my family would purchase kosher food because it was always halal.
It certainly is an interesting new way to be non kosher.
Meanwhile, season salmon fillet with kosher or sea salt and pepper.
Any user of quantum money can verify that this money is kosher using a quantum algorithm running on a quantum computer.
To make the brine, take about a gallon of water and add a cup of kosher salt and a cup of brown sugar.
It's all natural, there's nothing in it that's artificial, and it's kosher.
First there was his work-release stint at a kosher pizza parlor.
So all public communications have to go through these review boards to make sure they're kosher.
Nor did my family eat catfish, because it isn't kosher.
Stir together water, kosher salt, and sugar in a large bowl until salt and sugar have dissolved.
Brush the onion slices with a little olive oil and season with kosher salt and pepper.
The world of kosher eating has come to this: kosher sushi.
Mix seeds with two tablespoons vegetable oil and one teaspoon coarse salt, such as kosher.
Kosher certified products are also sold at a few supermarket chains, but rarely exhibited as a special kosher section.
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