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The biggest known risk factors are smoking and family history-it can be a hereditary disease.
Dinosaur mummies, or dinosaurs with skin impressions intact, have been known for over a century.
Also known as pie cherry, this species is of uncertain origin.
The oldest known computer, a scientific conundrum for more than a century, did not yield its secrets easily.
Not long ago, a major public research university sought a new president to follow its revered and nationally known leader.
Octopuses of many species are well known for their intelligence.
Scientists have identified the oldest known insect from its fossilized jaw remains.
Its varieties are better known more add to my plant list.
Animals such as ants, snails and beetles are known to farm fungus.
The findings in what's known as virtual knot theory carry the possibility of advancing medical research.
He argued that a protein, not a virus or any other known parasite, was the infectious agent responsible for scrapie.
Little is known about stick insects, making it difficult to declare the vulnerability of their status in the wild.
The tobacco industry has known for decades how to remove a dangerous isotope from cigarettes but has done nothing about it.
Known as an artists' haven, there are numerous art galleries.
The fossils' time-machined hues exist because moths and butterfly wings have what's known as structural color.
Thus it is widely known that violence produces pain.
Malaria has been known about since ancient times and has gone under many names.
The universe's largest known galaxies are giant elliptical galaxies, which may be as much as two million light-years long.
Despite the importance of this disorder, surprisingly little is known about what brain mechanisms might underlie it.
Less well known is that he also painted in another medium, living organisms.
Modern koalas are known for their cuteness, nearly exclusive eucalyptus-leaf diet, and the unexpectedly weird noises they make.
The fastest muscles known lie within the throats of songbirds, according to new research on how birds vibrate their vocal cords.
Scientists have known that nutritionally deprived bacteria are better able to resist the chemical blows dealt by antibiotics.
Rock concerts aren't generally known for their thought-provoking tranquillity.
But little is known about the long-term effects of hallucinogenic use.
Bottlenose dolphins are well known as the intelligent and charismatic stars of many aquarium shows.
Protective heat shock proteins present in every cell have long been known to counteract stress.
Beer makers are known to have used these additives by medieval times.
Oldest known bat lacked hallmarks of echolocation.
Researchers have known for a long time that the neurotransmitter dopamine plays a vital role in the brain.
Once better known for apples the region now holds dozens of wineries.
Best known through its selections, which are typically lower than the species and bloom between summer and fall.
The species was one of the first known to face extinction because of human damage to its habitat.
But a heavier version, known as the strange quark, could be the secret ingredient in these stars.
Apple has said that this is a known bug that it plans to fix.
Perhaps this would stop if another of bats' benefits to mankind were more widely known.
Also known as shade fabric, this woven material is useful as a temporary or long-term screen against hot sun and drying winds.
The secret of teaching is to appear to have known all your life what you learned this afternoon fiona.
Creative hunters, they are known to break open bird eggs by throwing them with their forepaws toward a solid object.
Vulnerabilities exist in every system and there are two kinds: known and unknown.
Staffers have been known to pick weeds for the chickens, too.
The type of kale known as collards is a large, smooth-leafed plant that does not form a head.
Scorpions are known as desert-dwellers with a venomous sting, but non-desert species may outnumber their relatives.
One of the largest known stars in the universe is shrinking rapidly, and astronomers don't know why.
Sleeping cattle and horses are their usual victims, but they have been known to feed on people as well.
Little is known about a second, larger species that avoids contact with humans and seems to have wider migration patterns.
One of the four people known to have received a partial face transplant has died, according to published reports.
Water is well known for its ability to dissolve substances.
Paleoanthropology is a discipline known as much for its feuds as for its findings.
It's known that levels of growth hormone rise during certain stages of sleep.

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