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Each culture in the world has borrowed attributes from other cultures whether knowingly or not, willingly or not.
What he knowingly did--and hid for many years--negates all that.
Anyone saying different is ignorant or knowingly spinning.
Parents who knowingly have avoided vaccinations and whose kids carry preventable diseases to others should be prosecuted.
Present are five forms of evil that makes us smile, smirk or chuckle knowingly.
These companies facilitate criminal enterprises, whether knowingly or not.
The moneymen laughed knowingly, confident in their shared belief of the great unstoppable digital convergence.
But those gestures are designed, knowingly or not, to salve the conscience of the public.
Bank directors too must attest that they are running going concerns, and risk legal consequences if they are knowingly wrong.
These professors have committed fraud, in knowingly presenting false data to obtain the various funds.
Of course, it's true that people are always rational if by that you mean they won't knowingly make themselves worse off.
Fourth, after investigating the case, the comptroller's office found no evidence that ministry officials knowingly diverted loans.
It will be interesting to find out what in fact motivated him to knowingly break the law.
It should really be two crossed fingers behind the back, which means knowingly making a false promise.
Nelson insists he didn't knowingly do anything wrong.
The law permits the state to take away the business licenses of companies that knowingly hire illegal workers.
Any dealer who knowingly sells stolen animals to research laboratories is acting not only illegally but also immorally.
Those wishing to exploit this, knowingly or unknowingly, are not interested in the limits to their humanity.
When you knowingly collapse civilization on purpose, people gonna die.
To fail better and more knowingly with each click of the shutter.
If they knowingly misled investors, some of those officers may go to jail.
We nod knowingly when commentators talk about turnout of feet and good position in camels.
They won't knowingly publish a fraud, but they won't take the first step to expose one.
Intent can be inferred from the fact of injury or from acts knowingly done in reckless disregard for the interests of the bank.

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