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Bring the ankle of one foot to the opposite knee, making sure that your ankle is beyond the knee joint.
Slide your right leg back two or three feet and lean forward onto your left leg, knee bent.
Knee-straining steeps and breath-catching breaks alternate as if they were planned.
There are few gators hereabouts, and no, you won't be camping in knee-deep water.
Her right leg was especially damaged, and doctors amputated it above the knee.
When he finished, he snapped the staff over his knee and fed it to the flames.
We waded when the water dropped to knee-deep in summer and carried a faint whiff of the sewage treatment plant upstream.
He sits in a relaxed position, forearm on knee, elongated hand dangling.
We remove our shoes, roll up our trousers and nervously wade knee-deep in the toxic stream.
CT scans showed he had a deteriorating left foot, dislocated left knee, fractures and broken skin and bone.
Jarrell learned the way practically every other fiddler and banjo player did-by ear, at the knee of older musicians.
Sit with knee straight and loop elastic around foot and in away from your foot.
Getting down on bended knee doesn't appear to be required, nor does capitalization.
Dietary isotopes from their knee-bones show that they ate pretty healthily.
Push a boat into the knee-deep lake and the mud raises a stink of sewage.
They say payday lenders are predatory, financially knee-capping their customers without providing a crutch.
When the university rector tried to intervene, he was set upon and knee-capped with iron bars by the attackers.
Leech socks-thick canvas affairs tied tightly at the knee-stop those that climb into boots from attacking your feet.
The rest have to make do with a quick swipe across the knee with a scalpel, to mimic a surgery scar.
He explained that there were still pieces of shrapnel from a home-made bomb lodged in his knee and shin, waiting to be removed.
The knee-skinning often occurs when costs start to rise, not fall.
Three desultory college-age boys stroll past, one of whom bends on one knee before the rake-wielding harpy.
But regarding the boil on my knee, it's not always a contradiction.
The skinned knee is a hallmark of childhood summers.
But the guy on the scooter couldn't even knee-steer.
Her pelvis was shattered, her skull fractured, her knee torn.
Knee arthroscopy is surgery that is done by making small cuts on your knee and looking inside using a tiny camera.
Knee joint replacement is surgery to replace a knee joint with an artificial joint.
One talks of having a knee done as though she were having her hair done.
Amazingly enough, another surgeon a few months later removed said piece of cartilage from my knee.
Student has knee surgery, telling me about it in advance.
Please buy yourself a helmet, a face mask, and knee pads.
If you have had knee surgery and are afraid your scuba days are over, think again.
The articular branches to the knee-joint are three in number.
At its insertion the tendon divides into two portions, which embrace the fibular collateral ligament of the knee-joint.
Peasant erect is taller than peasant on bended knee.
Now he got his shoulder and knee up, and again he seemed to slip back until only his head was visible.
The knee-joint is superficial and requires no surface marking.
Both legs below the knee and the left arm at the shoulder.
He sat at one end of the tables, leaning back in his chair, his knee propped against the table edge.
His legs are crossed and his hands are clasped over his knee.
She found a satin slip with scalloped edges, a knee-length silk robe, and sheer stockings with a seam.
The bank of rubble that barred the entrance to the fire escape was almost knee-high.
They sloshed water around so it sounded as though there was water going through the knee.
In this position, one's weight rests entirely on the knee and elbow joints.
Knee deep in the surf, spreading their manes on their long arched necks, they shook their heads and neighed.
If you've had your knee replaced with a piece of metal, you're in good company.
Some ants' legs were extended by gluing on pig bristles, while other ants' legs were severed below the knee.
The study participants were six elite sprinters who had one intact leg and one leg that had been amputated below the knee.
Everyone on the operating team wears two sets of gloves, and shoes are covered with knee-high gaiters.
His skin was exquisitely preserved, including a series of hatch-marks on his back and a cross pattern on his knee.
As it crouches, it stretches the tendons across its knee, which then recoil during the jump to give it an extra boost of power.
He referred me to a physical therapist because he suspected that my back pain was caused by a knee problem.
Depending on the weather, his right knee aches, causing a visible limp.
He was a flat-out, knee-crawling thug with the morals of a weasel on speed.
Their desires frequently come with chillingly precise specifications: for instance, an above-the-knee amputation of the right leg.
We're all used to hearing horror stories about the knee-buckling student debt burden weighing down today's college graduates.
But it may be washed out by the people who die having knee surgery.
They are never found above the level of the knee or in the forefoot, and may occur singly or in multiples.
Between the diners and the ocean is a knee-high stone wall, against which waves lap rhythmically.
Painful arthritis of the knee can make it difficult to take even a short walk.
Knee replacements can give osteoarthritis patients a new lease on life.
Pumps drive hydraulic fluid to move the hip and knees at the same time, so that the hip swings through a step as one knee bends.
For example, it can be difficult to tell when a patient who has pain at the site of a hip or knee replacement has an infection.
What's unusual about these goats is that each has sustained severe damage to one knee.
The talk-radio screed is as amusing as it is incendiary-it's equal parts knee slap and outrage.
In the last year of her life she suffered knee surgeries, kidney failure, and a stroke.
As he laughed, he slapped my hand, which was resting on my knee.
Topic page summarizing evidence report on knee replacement.
Pick up a racket, and you run the risk of a sprained ankle, twisted knee or tennis elbow.
The first sign is often a twinge in your knee or your back or some stiffness at the base of your thumb.
The officer doubles over, only to be greeted by a sharp knee jab to his face.

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