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Your talent obviously has a knack of flaring emotions in your readers.
They had, and have, the homegrown stuff of citizens and the knack of a popular movement.
He also has a knack of shaming others into following suit.
The new digital cameras have an uncanny knack for seeing in the dark.
The unskilled, third-world refugee must find within himself a knack for patience.
Call it a knack for seeing the potential in something others have cast away.
Your knack for jigsaw puzzles could revolutionize national defense.
And they have an uncanny knack for honing in on the essence of a report to find the error.
And for all the chaos he creates around him, he has a knack of getting things done.
Green is a raven-haired beauty with a marvelous knack for gardening.
The market has a knack for making things cost-effective.
She was piling on entomologists with a knack for quickly identifying obscure insects.
She certainly has a knack for articulating our habitat dreams.
They take some finesse to prepare properly so the richness does not overwhelm, but any amateur can get the knack.
Gradually, he accrued seniority, power and a knack for back-room dealmaking.
Badgers of all ages display a knack for finding refreshment.
They are cunning creatures with a knack for keeping their cirri to themselves.
It also gave her a knack for taking household items and making them even more useful.
He had a knack for breaking things-bones and software alike.
The knack for putting together consistently imaginative concert programs is one that only a few conductors ever acquire.
German economists have long had the knack of going their own way.
They had a knack for materializing out of seemingly empty ocean.
Desktop speakers have a knack for looking boxy and boring and sounding so-so.
He has a strong personality, continuity of purpose, a mind well stored and a happy knack of communicating it.
She is a gifted public speaker, with a knack for rousing a crowd.
The knack is to hedge a position with something that is closely correlated.
Heinlein had a knack for telling a good yarn without overloading it with overly descriptive science or with lengthy exposition.
The author had an uncanny knack of being in the right place at an interesting time.
They have a knack for converting industrial and commercial spaces into highly desirable residential real estate.
Yet many still think his best quality is a knack for being in the right place at the right time.
It's as if people had a knack for buying only tickets that paid out more than they cost.
His knack for dominating the centre-ground has been abetted by a self-destructive opposition.
Stubbornly, this part of the world has a knack of rising again.
The new boss also hopes to bring her knack for improving productivity to bear.
Yet he may have a knack of turning failure into success.
Imaginative power, broad enthusiasms and a knack for getting things done have all contributed to a career that spans five decades.
They share the same knack for finding ingenious ways to answer unlikely questions, often by plundering forgotten troves of data.
It has a knack of turning on a dime to reinvent itself.
Already some in her coalition grumble that she has lost her knack of winning elections.
If your partner has a strange knack of being able to pick out all the right perfumes, this may not be a good sign at all.
Some people have a natural knack and the rest of us get better with practice.
His dry wit and knack for telling funny stories helped us take ourselves a little less seriously.
These early people had a knack where sensuality resides.
He has a disconcerting knack of undercutting his own arguments.
Actually swapping out the optics is a knack gained after a few tries.
Gambling firms also have a knack for carving out new markets.
They have a knack of being in your blind spot all the time.
History has a knack of lifting the veil of ignorance, and prattle.
Some people have a knack, for example, of being able to tell when someone's lying to them.
As a species, humans have an unprecedented knack for finding patterns and reading intentions.
He also had a knack for reading the body language and facial expressions of his subjects, and for sensing a lie.
In both, medical examiners showed a knack for raising more questions than they could resolve.
She had an affinity for piano players, and a knack for picking them.
From an early age, he had impressed his friends with his knack for drawing.
Banking also has an annoying knack of turning today's genius into tomorrow's fool.
Phil had a knack for seeing the gray areas in situations.
Coughlin has shown a knack for leading his teams to victory at the right time of the year.
It seems to me you were born with a knack for adventure and color in your life.
Neel had a particular knack for capturing moments of extreme detachment between couples.
With a knack for technology hardware, he taught himself to repair computers.
And he had a unique knack of putting ideas into a few terse arresting words and phrases.
Sabir has a knack-as well as the drive and enthusiasm-for connecting with residents and changing their lives for the better.
He relished solving mysteries, and discovered a dedication to and a knack for historical research.
Barnett had a knack for patiently working through those issues with stakeholders and finding the common ground.

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