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The lines separating carnival and culture, art and kitsch seem to have disappeared.
Neatly replaces the original kitsch with the absurd.
Inside, kitsch mannequins in traditional dress reveal how they lived at the time.
The lines between garish kitsch and substantive reality have been annihilated.
But the mild kitsch is fun and shouldn't lower your expectations for the food.
Yet academic chops and self-seriousness are also the hallmarks of kitsch.
Only if you enjoy pseudo-events and have a taste for phantasmagoric kitsch.
Because of his close ties with the commercial world, some art critics would describe his work as kitsch.
When they fail, they fail spectacularly, creating radical new forms of musical kitsch.
When it is revealed as a lie, as a presentation of invented suffering, it deteriorates to kitsch.
It has been dismissed as a ghastly specimen of sentimental kitsch.
He exhibited a taste for kitsch and spectacle unrivaled in professional sports.
If his taste in material leans toward stiff inspirational kitsch, his taste as a singer is exceptionally pure.
There are also ample crafts and country kitsch stores.

Famous quotes containing the word kitsch

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