king crab in a sentence

Example sentences for king crab

The brininess of preserved lemons brings out the sweetness of the king crab you'll find in each twirl of pasta.
Served on a king crab half shell heated over hot coals, the brains were strained then mixed with bonito broth.
Crab lovers can savor snow, stone and king crab at market prices, a hot crab and artichoke dip and two salads that contain crab.
Salmon and trout, grouper and snapper are all on the menu, as are king crab legs and lobster.
The seafood dish to avoid is the king crab because of the use of frozen crabmeat, which becomes spongy and lacks flavor.
King crab dumplings in soup is a great starter, and you can also order more unusual dishes, such as abalone.
Blue king crab are not totally blue, but have much more blue color than red king crabs.
He is listening for the signal from an ultrasonic tag glued to the back of a king crab, somewhere below us.
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