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Example sentences for kinetic energy

Visually the movie looks flat and has little kinetic energy.
The kinetic energy produced is collected by a piston pump.
Temperature indicates nothing more than the average movement (kinetic energy) of the water molecules relative to each other.
As the particles in the beam are accelerated, their mass increases in proportion to their kinetic energy.
If there were no air resistance, he would be going much faster and would have much more kinetic energy.
There is insufficient kinetic energy to break down the crystaline structure.
Expended kinetic energy hangs in the air like gunsmoke.
Much of the radiation released in a nuclear explosion gets degraded by atomic processes to kinetic energy of the air molecules.
The kinetic energy of a moving body equals its mass times the square of its velocity.
If an object is crashing into a wall, it does not transfer its kinetic energy to the wall.
So when neutron stars collide, the kinetic energy is off the scale.
The basic principle of wind turbine operation is the conversion of the kinetic energy of moving air into electrical energy.
The kinetic energy of an air molecule is directly proportional to the velocity of the molecule.
There was something off with the kinetic energy of everybody at the studio yesterday.
This, in turn, means that each water molecule requires less kinetic energy to accomplish this feat.
Note also that ice is a crystal and the kinetic energy of moving water makes it harder to form crystals.
And of course there has to be a heat engine to make the kinetic energy that runs the compressor.
When conatus in physics became kinetic energy and momentum, physics ceased to be anthropomorphic.
All these problems can also be dealt with in terms of potential and kinetic energy.
The coach was out of reasons to roam the sideline with trademark bursts of kinetic energy.
Indeed, existing less-lethal munitions that rely on kinetic energy can be deadly, particularly if fired at close range.
If you could measure all of these values, you would see it is the same as the initial kinetic energy.
Elastic collisions: the kinetic energy before and after the collision must be conserved.
Often it is said that temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a gas.
When activated it shoots out sticky tentacles which hold on and stretch to absorb kinetic energy.
These systems convert kinetic energy into electricity as the train slows down.
Properly driven, hybrids reclaim kinetic energy of moving vehicles when they are braked.
The fact you catch some of that kinetic energy with the crankshaft is nothing compared to the heat radiating from the engine.
He points out that when one thing bangs into another, some of the kinetic energy is dissipated as heat.
As a result, magnetic energy becomes kinetic energy and charged particles in the form of plasma jets shoot out into space.
Therefore, only nuclei having a high kinetic energy approach closely enough to fuse.
Insulin causes the body to convert food energy to fat, rather than utilize it for kinetic energy.
But what is really happening is that you are only transforming some kinetic energy into more potential energy.
Instead of wind, tidal flows turn the turbine, converting the kinetic energy of moving seawater into electrical energy.
The efficiency of the hybrid is realized in capturing and storing the kinetic energy of the vehicle during braking.
The voltage across a discharge tube will accelerate a free electron up to some maximum kinetic energy.
Theoretically, this implies an infinite kinetic energy, which is impossible.
Cold exhaust gas is not a problem because gas cools as it expands and converts thermal energy into kinetic energy.
They stated that temperature is the measure of the kinetic energy of particles.
As he tips forward, potential energy converts to kinetic energy, and he swings his left foot ahead to complete the stride.
It dances over the surface of the ice grain, too excited with kinetic energy to land.
Kinetic energy is directly proportional to the square of the exhaust plumes velocity.
The flashes are not caused by combustion, rather, the kinetic energy from the impact gets converted to heat.
As the object approaches the focus, the potential energy is traded to kinetic energy, so the velocity increases.
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