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Example sentences for kindness

She lived her life with character, kindness and generosity.
But the only thing these feral cats are in danger of is being killed by kindness.
If it were somehow necessary for people to depend on the kindness of strangers, they might find reasons to care about them.
Small acts of kindness made a big difference when adversity struck our bicycle group the other day.
We have to depend on the kindness of veritable strangers.
Both were directed at crushing the ultimate qualities of kindness and individuality.
Unilateral forgiveness is an act of kindness to one's self.
Thank you for your clarity of vision and the demonstration of your kindness.
Social networking tends to create self-reinforcing spirals of reciprocal kindness.
Your legacy of loving kindness and caring will be with us always.
It will simply eat up your kindness and consume your productivity.
The study could also help researchers identify genes that govern behavioral traits, such as aggressiveness or kindness.
Tax breaks explain some of the kindness of strangers.
There's a kindness that you didn't see so much of before.
She has never interacted with him beyond their initial encounter and has simply equated a large some of money with kindness.
His kindness and gentle soul touched everyone who met him.
We look from the outside as if we're unfamiliar with the small-town virtues of kindness and charity.
Layton belonged to that rare breed which inspires contagious optimism and faith in human kindness.
Frequently seeing others do kind things makes kindness acceptable.
Researchers have found that the program increases kindness and acceptance of others and decreases negative aggression.
What a rare and welcome bit of kindness this article demonstrates.
Most humans don't understand the kindness they are showing to all of the dogs, if they don't play favorites.
Her deeds of kindness were legendary and she leaves a deep void.
His kindness and sense of humor will remain everlasting memories with all who knew and loved him.
He treated his patients with much kindness and dignity.
Consistency and firm kindness works best in our home.
His warmth, sense of humor, kindness and wise counsel will be sorely missed.
If not for the kindness of an elderly neighbor who felt sorry for her and fed her when she could, this dog may not be here today.
His kindness always led him to see the good in people.
His family, friends and community will never forget his extraordinary principles, kindness and strength.
She sounds so well-grounded and it's clear that your household is positively oozing with mutual respect and kindness.
He will be remembered for his sense of humor, courtly manner and kindness.
Will be missed for her wit, intellect, and kindness.
The kindness of friends and a stranger would light his way to the future.
It has also brought an undeniable current of beauty, kindness, and goodness into the lives of rich and poor alike.
She got people to change with her frankness and kindness, and even got a major company to change an important policy.
Kids are taught, for example, that random acts of kindness matter.
Their kindness and enthusiasm about my enthusiasm was wonderful.
One must employ terrorism or kindness, as the case dictates.
He had been trained beautifully and with great kindness.
The percentage of incorrigibles is not affected by the cruelty or kindness of the law.
May no one extend kindness to him or take pity on his fatherless children.
My dates didn't need to be intimidated by my father because my parents raised me to demand kindness and respect for myself.
Your own personal natural talent and kindness in controlling the whole thing was valuable.
Unless people are more than commonly disagreeable, it is my foolish habit to contract a kindness for them.
Both economic rationalism and natural selection offer few explanations for such random acts of kindness.
It requires the media, the school programs, and public organizations to start promoting relationships of kindness among people.
But his story is also about human kindness and ingenuity.
Your optimism and kindness go a long way toward soothing ruffled feathers.
When dealing with business matters, remember to send thank you notes and acknowledge the kindness of others.
Rose, my club member whose kindness and courtesy are so admirable, is also a capable player.
In the upcoming week, perform acts of kindness and enjoy tranquility by taking steps to ensure you don't repeat past mistakes.
There is so little kindness of spirit, you're much too disoriented to laugh.
Anything else is kindness and courteous on their part.
Not even the ironic kindness of hating them clearly.
Anton himself was treated with unaccountable kindness, relatively speaking.
Everything, especially the heavy kindness of the people, reminds her that she is alien.

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