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We should begin teaching it in kindergarten and then teach it straight through high school.
Early in his presidency, he likened parliament to a kindergarten.
Children understand and use sarcasm by the time they get to kindergarten.
Not many of them can read beyond a kindergarten level.
His little feet dangled off the kindergarten chair, as his legs were not long enough to reach the floor.
The new system will start with kindergarten and the lower elementary grades.
She taught kindergarten through second grade for seven years, and then became an education coach at the same school.
Next door, a sagging chain-link fence surrounds a cinder block kindergarten.
It applies to any school, from kindergarten through graduate school, that receives federal money.
Children aged between three and six are guaranteed a place in a kindergarten.
There was no such thing as pre-school or kindergarten.
After all, they could even be mistaken by the painting created by dogs or kindergarten kids.
More than three million children are starting kindergarten this month, and for many it will be the first opportunity to fail.
She was under a behavior management plan at kindergarten and it worked really well for her.
Freshmen now arrive on campus already having sucked on multicultural milkshakes from kindergarten to senior prom.
We took our puppy to puppy kindergarten and more obedience training.
The children also are slightly more likely to be suspended or held back in kindergarten and to require special education.
All the kids are around kindergarten age, they play well together, and they're all well-behaved.
Residents run a communal bathhouse, kindergarten and recycling program.
As they taught us in kindergarten, two wrongs don't make it right.
After that, she would probably head for a good-quality, state-funded kindergarten.
Teach students how to diagnose problems starting in kindergarten and then give them the knowledge to get better at it.
Re: the posters whose teaching demos were disrupted by kindergarten style play-acting.
Education is more than college, more even than the totality of your formal schooling, from kindergarten through graduate school.
Today academic teaching begins in kindergarten, if not in nursery school.
The whole system, from the happy kindergarten to the mimic-college high school, is permeated with the haze of indefiniteness.
Kindergarten marks the official end of infancy and the beginning of the next stage, childhood.
She loved kids so much that she had signed on as a teacher's aide at her local kindergarten, and she had always wanted her own.
All mine did was come home from kindergarten with live frogs in her pockets.
While he was in kindergarten, everybody wanted to play the tomtoms when it came time for that.
It should be taught in the kindergarten of cultural history that this naïve idea of capitalism must be given up once and for all.
For years, the former customs house had served as a kindergarten, but now it was abandoned.
Whether it's the first day of college or kindergarten, there's a new look this fall for every back-to-school experience.
There are the moms sending children who never met their fathers off to their first day of kindergarten.
Or better yet, a vaccine administered before kindergarten, along with those for measles and mumps.
It's a game she learned in kindergarten that lots of dogs can do.
Didn't these guys learn how to share in kindergarten.
Presented are summaries of requirements and related information about kindergarten attendance and administration.
The kindergarten standards stress the use of basic science skills to explore common materials, objects, and living things.

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