kilogram in a sentence

Example sentences for kilogram

Every extra kilogram that the craft weighs piles on the dollars in the form of launch costs.
Generally the lethal dose is measured in grams per kilogram.
One kilogram of hydrogen is considered equivalent to one gallon of gasoline.
Getting a kilogram of anything into orbit costs thousands of dollars.
The units are microgram per kilogram body weight per day.
But once it is built, the operating cost would be dollars per kilogram to put something into orbit.
We thought, two kilograms of anything in a hundred-kilogram animal is significant.
The pound squares off against the kilogram, you see.
The group's adhesive was able to hold a one-kilogram weight when pressure was applied in the direction of the angled fibers.
Now the kilogram, the last artefact-based unit, awaits its turn.
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