kidding in a sentence

Example sentences for kidding

She was kidding some one over the wire, lips smiling.
You're kidding yourself if you think you're going to teach them anything else.
She may have been kidding about that last detail, but then again, maybe not.
But all kidding aside, this sleek speaker cube puts out some serious sound.
People often think he's kidding, partly because he always has a slight, wry smile.
It seems as though someone is kidding-kidding in more ways than one.
If the product sucks and isn't ready for development, then no kidding it'll get shelved.
You've got to be kidding--lack of exercise will cost you big time, and everything about cars is expensive.
If you honestly believe any race has, you are only kidding yourself.
It wasn't always easy to tell when he was kidding, or being disingenuous.
They were kind of serious about this, but they were kind of kidding.
When they talked about their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, they weren't kidding.
All kidding aside, here's the space for this week's chapters.
Now he seems to be saying that he was mainly kidding.
But he let her know, kidding on the square, that he would be running things at the rectory.
She was kidding some one over the wire, lips smiling.
She said it in a kidding manner, but she wasn't kidding.
In our book club, the other guys have fun gently kidding me about my penchant for extra reading.
He told police that he got the idea from news reports and was only kidding.
He was kidding, but the site's failure to live up to expectations is serious business.
We've been told that gun sales go through the roof, and they weren't kidding.
Animals will be pre-screened for enrollment as they approach kidding due date.
All kidding aside, it is indeed my good pleasure to be here.
He was kidding, but he was quick to tell me about our customer service initiative.

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