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Example sentences for keywords

It didn't seem to matter to them that a software algorithm-not a human being-was scanning your messages for keywords.
Then set email filter to bounce all mail with keywords related to the argument.
The government often tries to rein them in during crises by blocking the use of sensitive keywords.
Search engines are pretty good at matching keywords with relevant websites.
Current methods of searching used by more traditional engines focus on isolated keywords and broad but shallow content coverage.
Delicious can create a living, breathing archive of relevant information surrounding important keywords.
Then you select the keywords that will determine which searchers see your ad.
Use simple keywords to describe the subject of your posts.
Not only that: less-qualified candidates can game the system by loading their résumés with the right keywords.
Computers scan resumes and cover letters for certain keywords, and tag candidates with the best fit.
Everything's in a pool, and the keywords you enter narrow it down.
The content is distilled into keywords, which are used to find relevant sites during searches.
They then divided that pie up by keywords that fit different industries.
Salespeople wooed big customers over dinner, explaining what keywords meant and what the prices were.
While computers have long been able to identify strings of keywords, anyone who's used a search engine can testify to its limits.
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