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Example sentences for keystroke

With a keystroke, he can inflict all sorts of complications, overriding any preprogrammed instructions.
Financial markets are said to be more volatile as money moves across borders with a mere computer keystroke.
Software that recognises facial features and keystroke rhythms stops candidates being impersonated by professional exam sitters.
Using this information, they were able to figure out a list of potential keystroke pairs.
What was once considered intimate is now shared among millions with a keystroke.
Once you are ready to begin the course, there are keystroke combinations available for navigating the course.
All attempts to access and use this system and/or its resources are subject to keystroke monitoring and recording.
The attacker typically obtains the valid credentials by keystroke logging a previously compromised computer.
Hypertext links make it easy to move from relevant sections of one publication to another with a single keystroke.
No affirming keystroke is required for that message.
Balance designed with automated furnace closing and experiment initiation in one keystroke.
Use the enter key or keystroke instructions given on screen to move around within the application.
He could see her in her bedroom, hear her conversations, knew every keystroke she made online.
Currently the macro capability is limited to actual keystroke types of commands.
Keystroke auditing captures every keystroke by the user.
Behavioral characteristics are traits that are learned or acquired, such as dynamic signature verification and keystroke dynamics.
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