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Folks leave their cars unlocked, keys in the ignition.
Its attractions are the keys which unlock my thoughts and make me acquainted with myself.
Then the quarterback starts patting his pockets and looking around anxiously, as if he can't find his keys.
His retirement package included keys to the locker room showers.
He almost never uses the backspace, delete, or cut-and-paste keys.
When you go through a metal detector at the airport with a conductor such as keys in your pocket, the alarm goes off.
One of the keys to success in photographing cultures different from your own is doing as much research as you can before you go.
The guitarists damped their notes to evoke the distinctive plinking of mbira keys.
Our technology lets you make millions of different keys, try them all at once, and isolate the single one that fits.
One of the keys is to resist the urge to flour your work surface and hands as you work with this dough.
In effect, a generational coup has taken place, with the keys to the political car taken back by the oldies.
When not sitting, he was invariably jangling keys and coins in his pockets.
The governments argued that they needed access to encryption keys to be able to enforce the law.
The real keys to growth are out of the government's hands.
Speculative purchases also made things worse: people are more likely to give back the keys to homes they are not living in.
He loved markets and technology because he felt that they held the keys to individual freedom.
Opposition rallies would be interrupted by mysterious power cuts and lost keys.
Called quantum keys, such transmissions could allow users to scramble messages in a way that is potentially unbreakable.
For me though one of the keys to understanding the brain is to stop comparing my own experiences with the science.
New high-end hotels roll out the red carpet and dole out keys to local lore and culture.
Instead of raised alphabet keys, you get virtual keys on the screen.
Release the keys when you land on the desired program.
Later dancers walk up the aisles and insert keys into thin air.
One of the keys to winning any fantasy league is staying healthy.
My home was also recently broke into the thieves got my laptop, extra set of keys, and other goodies.
Once again, thoughtful preparation and practice are the keys to giving an excellent presentation.
Note that the keys you press may vary for computers set to other languages.
The guy who pays too much for his house is not allowed to simply hand the keys to the bank and walk away.
But controlling it with weird keys is counterproductive.
To identify orientation, the head-post algorithm keys in on how facial features change during movement.
Take a set of keys, shake and see if their movement is stilted, and stops quickly.
Most ciphers use secret keys: mathematical values that plug into the algorithm.
As a result, some keys are placed where you will have to relearn them.
In the digital age, razor-sharp clarity and definition are the keys to success.
The keys on the onscreen keyboard have been spaced out a bit in order to enable faster typing and better accuracy.
The technique involves working through probability by detecting pairs of keystrokes, rather than individual keys.
Let's play a simple half note melody using only the white keys.
It's akin to making yourself a set of keys in advance for locks that are going to be sold far and wide.
There were times as a college student when she lost the keys to her apartment and the police had to let her in.
We're sad to say, however, that the improved keys come at the cost of overall repairability.
The spacious island-style keyboard offers full-size arrow keys typically unheard of on laptops.
No cursor keys, so you had to use the mouse to navigate.
One of the simplest keys to fighting global warming may be right under our feet.
He then swapped the box for one equipped with a square lock and gave the children three different keys.
There's a button for a sustain pedal, and the virtual keys are touch sensitive.
Now it's becoming surprisingly hip to hand over your keys to a stranger on a scooter.
Sometimes stolen cars are waiting for them, keys on the floor.
The keys to wine pairing success here are two: sweet and heat.
Weber fought them off without relinquishing his keys.
One of the keys to buying these squashes is maturity.

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