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Example sentences for keyed

But what's even more alarming is how keyed up people were-whether climbers or incorrigible nerds-in anticipation of the feat.
His initial responses are helpful, and keyed to what he believes are each designer's strengths and weaknesses.
Simple crowdsourcing was his management style, where people scanned or keyed in works they loved and sent them to him.
His project combined readings from remote water-sensors with queries and data which villagers keyed into their mobile phones.
But he was so keyed up that the water felt neutral when he plunged in.
The new form has been keyed out using a number of algal taxonomic keys.
The area of radiation is similarly frequency keyed and interleaved to frequency spectrum depleted uranium.
From early on, he evinced a special gift for dread and a disposition keyed to intimate knowledge of the transactions of power.
Double-check to make sure your email address is keyed in correctly.
Fill a bag with snacks for the road, but avoid snacks that are high in sugar unless you want the kids to be keyed up for the trip.
Map also contains a keyed legend and a lengthy note on the geographic and strategic advantages of the area.
There was, however, no intent to require all locks under a single employee's are to be keyed different for each lock.
Map includes a keyed legend and a lengthy note on sailing instructions.
These booklets are keyed to numbered posts or landmarks and include information on park history, wildlife, and plants.
Two types of lockers are available to store bicycles, mopeds or wheelchairs: keyed lockers and electronic lockers.
Map includes a keyed legend and a profile of the fort.
Map also includes a keyed legend listing the size of each section of the plantation and each division of the estates.
Many seasonal responses in both plants and animals are keyed to length of daylight.
It's keyed to an interpretive pamphlet available at the trailhead.
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