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Stop texting, typing, or mouse clicking and move your hands completely away from the keyboard.
Sumptuous singing and lyricism at the keyboard are always collectable.
All except for one small keyboard instrument on display.
Of course to really work for web access for instance, we'd have to also have an intelligent keyboard.
Anyone using a keyboard and mouse has some options that may help protect the hands.
Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard.
It shows that it is possible to fit a proper alphanumeric keyboard into a small device.
As well, for serious typing one can use a blue tooth keyboard and mouse.
Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate office equipment including a computer keyboard and peripheral equipment.
There are many reasons why you might not want to use the keyboard for composing text.
We've thought about what might make better interfaces for interacting with proteins beyond a mouse and keyboard.
The lack of a physical keyboard leaves more room for a bigger screen.
On the left-hand side of your keyboard is a key marked return or enter.
After backing out of the menu, an encryption key can be selected by moving the trackball and typing characters on the keyboard.
There is no option to use keyboard commands during a video, similar to those used in video games.
Editing is a different function than proofreading, and neither is necessarily correlated with accuracy on the keyboard.
As he played an inspired set the treat melted over the keyboard.
Your keyboard should be positioned relatively low, near the elbow height.
Even plugging a physical keyboard could be problematic.
Unfurled, it shows a small clock with hands pointing to seven-forty-two, and a keyboard without letters.
Ideally you would have a virtual keyboard you could use without actually having a physical keyboard to lug around.
Provide them with a keyboard, not a physical keyboard, use one where each key is a tone so they would sing to control the device.
Half of a group of participants wiped their hands and a computer keyboard they were using with antibacterial wipes.
Then a tinny keyboard melody kicks in, and someone starts whistling.
Dexterity: fine manipulation sufficient to operate a keyboard, handle individual papers, write and take notes.
The employee requires dexterity in using telephone, computer keyboard, mouse and calculator while seated at a desk.
Take a standard computer keyboard, chop it in half, and stand each half on end.
But flipping it over brings up a touchscreen keyboard so that it could be used to browse the web or send email.
The remote control had to change and bring the keyboard utility to make searching easier.
The subject, as the programmer typed on his keyboard, was anthrax.
Touch screens cannot compete with a keyboard in the near future.
Currently, the interface is a keyboard and screen with maps and text, but programmers may design a new speech interface.
Apostrophes are often the same as single quotation marks and are entered on a computer keyboard using the same key.
Casting geology into computing, that's roughly the equivalent of mistaking a keyboard for a mouse.
With this information in hand, the scientists were able to pair each keyboard with its user.
It is so easy to be a keyboard commando, as they say, and write whatever you want and not think of the repercussions.
She can type on a virtual keyboard, surf the net and even write email.
Other than the fingers on the keyboard, it might as well be a sock puppet.
Apologies for the spelling errors, my keyboard is playing up.
Also notice that there is a hardware key to switch the keyboard on and off.
It's also where she took drugs, wrote songs, and lugged her keyboard up and down several flights of stairs to do club shows.
Almost everything you touch is excrement of oil: your keyboard and mouse, the copy machine, the coffee machine.
Under the keyboard of his computer he kept a kitchen knife.
Key bounce occurs when a keyboard entry registers twice while pressing the key once.
The pointing device is a mouse that does not fit on the keyboard platform.
The keyboard is at your elbow height, but you lean on your wrists while keying.
It is debatable whether her keyboard even has an exclamation point on it.

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