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Example sentences for ketchup

New coating should make it easier to get more ketchup or mayonnaise out of the containers.
Well, now we're heading for a similar ketchup effect for real functioning renewable technologies.
If you are looking in your fridge for the ketchup bottle, you go over and over and can't find it.
The ketchup, red and decadent, embedded with little flecks of grated onion.
They smothered their food with tomato ketchup and slopped it all over the bed.
Perhaps education is more important than ketchup leaving a bottle.
Or dipping excellently crispy crinkle-cut fries into ketchup.
Heinz makes the default ketchup the dominant ketchup.
The world really doesn't need purple ketchup, blueberry vodka or talking toasters.
Ketchup is the opposite: its viscosity decreases under pressure.
That's why shaking a bottle of ketchup makes it easier to pour.
Used to make ketchup and medicine bottles, some dairy containers and molded automobile parts.
Three and five gallon reusable water bottles, some citrus juice and ketchup bottles.
Use mustard or ketchup, which have less fat than mayonnaise.
Trying to dip your fries in ketchup while navigating traffic is dangerous.
The sandwiches are spread with a spicy tomato ketchup, relish or chutney.

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