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Kerosene is an oil used as a fuel for lamps, as well as heating and cooking.
And then there's the fact algal kerosene still costs more than the stuff refined from petroleum.
Ask a developer of off-grid lighting about a solar lantern and he'll tell you about a kerosene tragedy.
The initial thrust is provided by the nine-engine cluster, fuelled by kerosene and liquid oxygen.
Brides with a yen for kerosene lamps or kayaks can now register their wishes in the latest entry into the gift registry business.
Soap, axe-heads and kerosene are all much more expensive in remote hamlets than in the big cities.
Cozy in its remote location, the lodge's electricity-free cabins are lit with kerosene lanterns.
The heavy lifting is done by the nine-engine cluster, fuelled by kerosene and liquid oxygen.
The only light in view is that of the kerosene lamp by my side and bright stars.
The main danger with swallowing kerosene is accidentally swallowing it into your lungs.
He noted that they filled small bottles with kerosene to create lanterns.
The company is the nation's largest distributor of portable kerosene heaters.
Later, they discover it wasn't even kerosene but some kind of varnish.
The scent of kerosene ingeniously adds alarm to the soft, dystopian glow.
To generate light, these people do what those without electricity have always done: burn something, mostly kerosene.
She picks nervously at the soles of her feet and confesses that three months earlier she set herself on fire with kerosene.
Some space heaters are fueled by propane and kerosene.
As a replacement for kerosene and wood fires, the flashlights are a boon for the environment.
These readings took place by the light of a kerosene lamp.
The flames were fed by kerosene spilled from an illegal heater.
Then he took a shovel and doused its blade in kerosene so asphalt would not stick to it.

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