kerchief in a sentence

Example sentences for kerchief

He is wear- ing a suit, as he is in almost every avail- able picture, and his tie and pocket hand- kerchief are expertly plumped.
She selected it at a stand in the public market, and she made them unfold every kerchief they had.
One is worth more to scent your hand-kerchief with than any perfume which they sell in the shops.
He wears a wide-brim hat, a loose shirt of brown muslin, a kerchief knotted around his neck.
Usually a white kerchief covers her entire head and ears.
Wear a hat or kerchief while cooking so your hair will not pick up food odors.

Famous quotes containing the word kerchief

I did the dragon's will until you came Because I had fancied love a casual Improvisation, or a settled game That followe... more
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