keepsake in a sentence

Example sentences for keepsake

The result is a one-of-a-kind keepsake with more personality that would be possible from a piece of manufactured ceramic.
Baker steps down into the crowd, now a sea of limbs holding digital cameras and angling for a keepsake shot.
It was encircled by diamonds and meant as a keepsake that he could have by him constantly during his years of lonely exile.
The book comes in a keepsake box with a small elf figurine.
It was one of a kind, something you really intend to put away as a keepsake.
Please choose one of the mementos below as a retirement keepsake.
The flag may be used to cover the casket and it is presented to the family as a keepsake.
Her father then used the drawing to model a clay relief, which he baked in his kiln to create a ceramic keepsake.
We'll be taking digital photos and e-mailing them to you after the event for a memorable keepsake.
If requested, a free commemorative plaque will be issued by the division as a keepsake for the family.
In addition, each couple will take home a keepsake photograph.
Visit the many gift and apparel shops for keepsake treasures.
The keepsake items such as picture frames speak to their feelings of separation.
The keepsake is the more formal looking certificate included in your packet of materials.
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