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Keep up with weeding, which should be almost nil once plants fill in.
In a race there are usually some who for one cause or another cannot keep up, or are thrust out from among their fellows.
My villa is of a convenient size without being expensive to keep up.
In times of war, coffee has proved more valuable than alcoholic stimulants to keep up the enduring power of soldiers.
The chief solicitude of the rich and of the ruler in the old civilization had been to keep up a supply of drudges.
Film fans are scrambling to keep up with technology.
Keep up the good work and continue to keep on reporting about it.
Healthy wetlands can keep up with normal sea-level fluctuation.
In fact, law enforcement officials can barely keep up with prosecutions already underway.
To keep up their spirits, the prisoners sang freedom songs.
It is designed to help children keep up with their subjects while they conquer the language.
Spring is coming earlier, and nature is scrambling to keep up.
Whatever method you choose, hunker down for the long haul and keep up the good fight.
Researchers, keep up your good work for a better future for all.
The researchers also found that even the rats with limited access to the unhealthful food were doing their best to keep up.
Many solutions being suggested wouldn't even keep up with present population growth.
Keep up the research, keep on publishing, and know all of you are making a difference.
Oh, and keep up the good work with your municipal gun control measures.
No new pictures would need to be produced to keep up with demand so in theory fewer children should be abused.
The nickel-metal-hydride batteries-which kick in when the fuel cell can't keep up with demand-sit under the backseat.
There are few prospects for mega-discoveries that could keep up with fast-growing world demand.
Far out as the theories are they can't keep up with the new observations.
They conclude that larger, slower-flying animals likely use the vortex technique to keep up with their insect prey.
The infants are able to keep up with their mothers and the rest of the herd within a few hours.
The plant's cooling system is struggling to keep up, and in the control room warnings chirp as the exhaust temperature rises.
The plants cooling system is struggling to keep up, and in the control room warnings chirp as the exhaust temperature rises.
Easy tips for how to use more environmentally friendly fertilizers, harvest rainwater, and keep up with your composting.
Instead, they found a thick blanket of snow-warming temperatures couldn't keep up with increasing snowfall.
However, running at this speed requires a lot of energy, and the cheetah cannot keep up a sprint for long.
To keep your marble looking its best, keep up with daily maintenance.
However, the birds commonly keep up a racket of vocalization, which suggests that they are not trying to remain hidden.
Cubs join the pride when they can move well enough to keep up-after about three months.
Keep up the good works and may your groups continue to prosper in all your humble projects you are doing.
The point of view keeps on changing so you will have to keep up.
Cubs join prides when they can move well enough to keep up-after about three months.
Payments to them must be honoured first, including commitments to keep up with inflation.
It is easier to keep up with the latest ideas if you keep bumping into other people who work in the same field.
Domestic supply has failed to keep up with demand for several reasons.
The rate of discoveries has been increasing, along with the means to keep up with the details.
One reason is that the politicians cannot keep up with the markets.
Marketing as a philosophy and a concept must keep up to date with technological trends.
When the economy grows unexpectedly fast, firms work their employees harder to keep up.
The leaders also agreed a follow-up scheme to keep up pressure to integrate security policy.
Meanwhile, the regime is determined to keep up the pretence of stability.
If prices drop, these buyers will do their best to keep up their payments.
The generals overseeing the necessarily messy transition have been failing to keep up the momentum of change.
Making family life easier or less expensive might help keep up the population.
The scale and suddenness of the slump has left economic forecasters scrambling to keep up.
Companies struggle to keep up with demand for the essentials of a consumer society.
Any pupil who cannot keep up has to repeat the year.
Doing that while running to keep up with the crowd could be a bit of a drag.
Salaries are struggling to keep up, particularly for workers paid under the table.
He did not go plunging through the mud and brush that lined the bank to keep up with the logs.
Most other countries don't even bother to keep up appearances.
Indeed, the near incomprehensibility of the language means that audiences have to work in order to keep up.
Her children-barely able to keep up with our obligations to our own families-could not pay.
She can't really manage to keep up a butterfly life for long, unless she is an exception.
Android has managed to keep up with its slew of smart phones.
The chocolate will keep up to two weeks in a sealed container at room temperature.
The number of jobs necessary to keep up with population growth depends on how many of those people want a job.
Slow science resonates with a sense many have that life has sped up and they cannot keep up.
There weren't enough good ones to keep up with demand.
It's owning a smartphone to keep up with clients when you can barely keep up with rent.
He may wish to keep up with his friends, or to buy their friendship.
He'd never lose a second of his day, not even to keep up his basic hygiene.
Today, demand for food fueled by rises in worldwide consumption of meat and protein is again outpacing farmers ability to keep up.
As his twin daughters grow up, he worries that his body and mind might not be able to keep up.
Failing to keep up, though, leads to complications ranging from foot ulcers to renal failure.
It's quick enough to keep up with urban traffic, which is exactly what it's designed for.
So far, smartphone makers seemed to be unable to keep up with that pace.
Keep up with all that's happening in academe each day.
The reader who does not keep up with the politics of the review columns might well be puzzled.
By the end of the year there were thousands, and it was impossible for anyone to keep up.
The mainstream can't keep up with them and they aren't dependent on the mainstream for their information.
The shorter time gets, the harder it is to keep up with.
The doctors will have to learn to keep up with the patients' questions.
Seeing the much bigger picture and objectives for everyone or else they cannot keep up.
Increasing levels now show that plants can't keep up any longer.
Cells proliferate and migrate faster than any realistic sterilizing bombardment can keep up with.
Homeowners would once do almost anything to keep up payments on their homes, even if it meant falling behind on other debts.
In the race to keep up with technology, communication cables are commonly strung above ground.
It was as if my eyeballs could not keep up with the images on the screen.
If she can't keep up the pretense that everything is perfect, she will crumble and die.
If a zombie doesn't keep up, he's going to be replaced by a computer.
As cell phones take on more and more features, wireless carriers are struggling to keep up with data demands.
In return, the colonel was allowed to drop in at any time in order to keep up with the latest advances in technology.
As a country's energy needs grow, more plants can be added to keep up.
Processors and memory chips keep growing in capacity, but batteries don't improve fast enough to keep up.
Move outside that keyboarding script, and the programs couldn't keep up.
Camcorders can't yet adjust their sampling frequencies quickly enough to keep up and produce a quality recording.
Watt's first steam locomotive could barely keep up with horse drawn rail carriages.
Please keep up this great work, and let others follow you in your path.
With this has also come an increasingly high demand for new talent, faster than the industry can keep up.
Must know computers well enough to use online software and keep up with e-mailed communications.
Please visit this site often to keep up with our progress.
Keep up the action, and consider accepting new responsibilities.
For one thing, it's imperative that you keep up on new developments.
The world of electronic games is growing at a rate that is becoming more challenging to keep up with.
Collect information from your team, and keep up an easy momentum.
Word of the program is spreading so fast that staff can't keep up with the demand.
But it's unlikely that stocks will keep up such a torrid pace.
Punctuation, one is taught, has a point: to keep up law and order.
In the aging population of the developed world, many people are already tired of trying to keep up with the latest cool new tech.
Its flotation was entirely dependent on whether the bilge pump could keep up with the leakage.

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