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That's why it's important to keep looking, to keep paying attention.
Reheat, on low, as necessary to keep melt mixture thin.
How to keep your house both clean and safe for your family and pets.
All that gear needs juice to keep going on long missions.
Scientists are working on an eco-friendly substance that will help keep oil from sticking to birds during future oil spills.
Keeping a light on, then, unfortunately does not keep these tiny vampires away.
The trouble is, our friends keep having afterthoughts, and they write all over the margins.
Spiced apple cider will keep your hands warm after you're done.
Keep your resume to one or two pages, but don't be surprised if the interviewer doesn't get too far past the first page.
Close your curtains to keep out daytime summer heat or keep in nighttime winter warmth.
Unfortunate that it requires a shuttle to keep it alive.
Conservationists also want to keep dogfish from being caught.
Remove from heat and keep lids in the hot water until needed.
In some cases, patent laws are how big companies keep little companies from becoming bigger companies.
Be sure to recycle all batteries to keep harmful metals from entering the environment.
Spring is coming earlier, and nature is scrambling to keep up.
We are trying to do our part to keep that red hair going.
Elevated feeding and watering stations keep birds from fouling the water supply with feathers, feather dander, and droppings.
Now cover your crock full of cabbage and brine with a towel or plastic wrap to keep out the bugs.
Because the suits are custom-fitted, pilots need to keep their weight within a ten-pound range on a year-round basis.
Scientific illustrators, it seems, often keep uncommon company.
Keep the fabric down by stuffing its edges under the benderboards.
Cover the cloth with mulch to keep it from degrading in the sun.
They take turns sitting on a pair of eggs to keep them warm and safe from predators.
Indeterminate tomatoes flower and fruit over a long season, and plants keep growing larger until cool weather shuts them down.
The blanket acts as an insulator to help keep the decomposing matter warm.
Some people believe that the gravitational pull of the sun that occurs on the equinoxes can help keep an egg standing on its end.
During wildfire season, there are essentials to keep on hand incase flames are approaching.
See how a few tips on image resolution will keep your photos crisp and clear.
For decorations, soak the greens in a bucket of water and keep in a cool place until it's time to decorate.
Natural cotton fiber insulation helps keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
There are other steps you can take to keep problems away.
Portals are deep enough to act as second living rooms and also help keep interiors cool.
Keep in mind that a tree that's trouble-free in one climate may be plagued with problems in other areas.
Rather than tackling this or tossing them out, keep them around for their green foliage.
Bags of trimmed vegetables and shrimp keep frozen for months, ready to use for impromptu and easily varied meals.
Some string beans are so delicious, you may want to keep a supply at hand by putting some in your garden.
But you'll have to give the plants slightly better treatment to keep them going.
We keep walking, and soon the sunlight stabbing through the trees signals a clearing.
Learn how to keep coyotes from your yard and protect your pets.
My generation has stayed around and tried to keep the town alive.
We also often try to create a sense of timelessness in our artworks that helps keep them alive.
When closed, the door provides visual privacy, but its translucent panel helps keep an open feel.
Shoot several rolls, and remember to keep your arms tucked in for steady shots.
Gardeners take pride in their beautiful landscapes, sometimes showering them with an abundance of water to keep them lush.
Sprinkle the pile with water to keep it about as damp as a wrung-out sponge.
Keep pushing for educational inroads with what you have to share.
The buyers who keep coming back clearly enjoy the auctions as a big game.
There was an addition on the back, and the walls were patched with newspapers and magazines to keep out drafts.
First, to develop targeting maps, to keep bombs from the cultural property.
If you've been buying sports gels to keep you going during your workout, you might want to try honey instead.
Silk scaffolds, grafts from pigs and green tea extracts might someday help keep injured and vulnerable joints active.
Let's keep the dream alive and make the unknown elements of space known to our world.
But they can also easily be varied with a few extra ingredients to keep menus lively.
Finally, attach a small tray to keep accessories close at hand.
We will keep resumes on file, and contact students in the event an appropriate internship develops.
Make sure that you keep your gas tank full and carry extra water and food in case you have problems.
Dieters are more likely to lose weight and keep it off if they have contact with a weight-loss counselor, a new study shows.
Rare-breed advocates say the best way to preserve vulnerable cattle is to keep them in the food chain, producing milk or meat.
Everybody wants the secret formula for go-go, brand triple-X, but we're going to keep it.
Researchers say the undulations ensure each penguin a turn in the middle of the cluster, which helps the birds keep warm.
Even so, the country still isn't producing enough power to keep the lights on for everyone.
Yawning may help you keep a cool head-literally, a new study suggests.
Travel-ready bags to keep your gear organized and right at hand.
Some are planning to keep their visits as short as possible.
Keep your camera in your pack or bike pannier when you are riding your bike.
Keep ponds from becoming overgrown with aquatic plants.
The cubs themselves have thick coats of fur and layers of fat to keep them warm.
What they found is that corals with a brighter glow are best able to keep free radicals from damaging healthy cells.
To keep their algae farms going, blue dragons must soak up a lot of sun.
In this case, the conundrum is how to keep your water from freezing in the narrow tube between your pack and the mouthpiece.
Vegetable oils keep your lips soft, while solid fats, butters and waxes protect them from chapping and drying.
Experiment by choosing objects in the foreground, or background, to keep sharp.
Program managers, for example, work to keep individual populations at the optimal size for a given area of habitat.
By dragging the bodies of large animals aloft it hopes to keep them safe from scavengers such as hyenas.
We'll add books to our library on a regular basis, so keep checking back.
The sharks tended to keep their distance, though they were circling inward, ever so slowly.
Keep an omelet pan especially for omelets, and see that it is kept clean and smooth.
And keep these limbs, her provinces, from dissolution.
Keep remaining coffee and egg closely covered, in a cool place, to use two successive mornings.
Tell your friend a lie and if he keep it secret tell him the truth.
Keep with thy glorious train firm state within his heart.
Officers to be allowed to keep soldiers as servants, according to the common practice of the service.
These exercises will keep the rest of your body healthy and functioning, as well.
The military doesn't actually keep tabs on the drugs its troops take.
The point of these chemicals is to sharpen the spotlight, to keep us fixated on the task at hand.
Capitalism can make a society rich and keep it free.
Some branches lack computers and still keep their books by hand.
Official retirement ages have failed to keep pace with rising life expectancy, making pensions increasingly unaffordable.
To keep predators out, the wire sides extend two feet below ground level, then out another two feet.
All this after a tough last season, when they seemed to be aging and no longer able to keep up with the elite.
Easy ways to keep watch webcams are great for checking in with family.
But our overall philosophy led us to keep buying hedges.
Keep up with all that's happening in academe each day.
It will happen so fast that it will be impossible to keep up with its repair.
For me, it's exciting to keep pace with others and to create as many opportunities for fast exchanges and learning as possible.
The ceiling fan, on the other hand, is built to keep the occupants of a room comfortable by moving air gently.
It was okay to keep going with simple leg muscle inflammation, for example.
Guardian proteins, found in all forms of life, keep a wide variety of cellular processes running smoothly.
Your cynicism will probably keep you in your bubble of negativity which may be perfectly acceptable for you.
As with soldiers, the best thing to do is keep people's minds occupied.
Film fans are scrambling to keep up with technology.
They're designed to keep out inappropriate visitors.
It's fine to talk in theory, but freezing does work to keep the jeans from smelling gamey.
In any case these two terms, at present, keep on fighting for space.
Sounds pretty dangerous using geothermal to keep your eggs warm.
Instead, she'll keep trying to find out why some species went extinct in the first place.
Chicken broth and matzo meal take the place of milk and bread crumbs to keep the meatballs exceptionally tender.
Here are eight fantastic bottles that will keep you in, er, fine spirits.
The bones will keep in the freezer for weeks, and the stock can be frozen for months.
To keep the water in the pan from boiling, add a little cold water to it occasionally.
And they've thought a lot about how to keep those interest payments coming.
For instance, they used to keep minimum payments relatively high.
But maybe he should have talked more about the things that he could do to keep software jobs here.
One they keep in a red-topped container out of reach of the children.
Describes how he rebuilt vintage airplanes and sold them for a substantial profit to keep his crater project going.
He is three, of mixed race, and his parents couldn't keep him.
Once he decided to become a writer, he faced the problem of how to keep physically fit.
Not if society and colleges keep failing to distinguish between wealth and merit.
As my system is set up at the moment, there is no incentive for my kids not to keep their entire net worth in cash.
It is the marketing department's job to get the audience to show up, not to keep showing up.
Nonetheless they keep talking about it and now and then even do it.
Across the world, researchers are trying another high-tech tactic to keep an eye on logging practices.
They do more than smell: they contain tiny bones that keep us from getting dehydrated.
The race is on to develop medicines faster and keep ahead of bacteria and viruses.
In a way, it's the perfect place to keep a ton of servers that require huge amounts of energy to be kept running, and cool.
Twice she had to be admitted to the hospital because she could not keep any liquids or anti-retroviral medications down.
Textile engineers are working to create so-called phase-change fabrics that keep the body perpetually comfortable and sweat free.
The shorter time gets, the harder it is to keep up with.
Their vascular systems constrict furiously to keep blood pressure up-until, suddenly, nothing.
Some of it could be thrown out, but some of it you keep around in case some day you need it.
If you try to use the formula to calculate its value, you will discover that the decimals keep on appearing.
Most of those bacteria actually help to keep the skin healthy by competing with dangerous pathogens for nutrients.
New metals will keep engines and turbines dry and ice-free.
The site allows people to keep clippings private, share them with specific people, or offer them to the public.
Demand for data storage keeps going up, even while consumers expect the cost per bit to keep going down.
For example, even if traditional media focus on a story for a brief time, blog discussion can keep it in the public eye longer.
The company has emphasized using off-the-shelf parts, where possible, to keep down costs.
However, many organizations don't keep abreast of these improvements.
As cell phones take on more and more features, wireless carriers are struggling to keep up with data demands.
If they can keep this up, say researchers, plastic solar cells will be competing with silicon within a few years.
Currently, the only way for patients with glaucoma to keep tabs on the disease is to go to the doctor's office.
There are other ways to produce fuel, although they probably can't keep up with our consumption levels.
Increasingly, they will also be able to ignore admonitions to keep their cameras steady in order to avoid a blurry picture.
To be successful, a scene had to keep its feel of improvisation.
His father does not talk about himself, does not keep a diary or write letters.
Fifteen percent were actually allowed to keep their jobs.
Parents may also want to keep dental and medical records on hand in a safe place.
When she has done so, she can read the message, but she can't keep it.
They told the students they could keep the money or use it to buy candy.
Producers depend on federal subsidies, and increasing demand for corn as fuel means the kernels keep getting pricier.
Youths hurled themselves into the river to keep from being shot.
You're going to have to tell me that because you keep on stealing them.
So the zombies have to keep coming at you, crawling over the walls and across the ceiling.
Keep your skin hydrated with these wonderful products.
He also said they were an important carrot to keep talent from going elsewhere.
Good daily stress management will keep you from snapping as easily in tense situations.
Home is where your heart is, and your focus this year will be to grow and expand the networks that keep those home fires thriving.
Some stores and restaurants have used low-tech punch cards for years to keep consumers coming back.
If you're headed in the wrong direction, it doesn't help to keep going.
Drive less by carpooling, combining trips, driving the speed limit and keep your vehicle in good running order.
In addition to tax purposes, you may need to keep records for insurance purposes or for getting a loan.
Freezers that are part of a refrigerator-freezer combination will keep food frozen for up to a day.
Park staff need your help to stop this unnatural behavior and keep wildlife wild.
Keep a close watch on children, and teach them what to do if they encounter a bear.

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