keenness in a sentence

Example sentences for keenness

But that there were ways to dramatize this to an unsuspecting world was the keenness of my understanding.
Nationalism plays its part in the coalition's keenness.
His keenness to spin a good yarn sometimes pushed him into the realm of cliché.
But it also illustrates a keenness to cultivate opinion makers.
His features were pleasingly bland, but there was a keenness and luminosity in his eyes.
It is also a choice between the luxury of forgetting and the keenness of memory.
Keenness of observing and reporting safety hazards to co-workers and/or supervisor.
Keenness of observation in the correctional setting.
Keenness of observation in identifying and monitoring day-to-day operations or potential incidents to effectively perform the job.

Famous quotes containing the word keenness

I am sensible that my keenness of temper, and a vanity to be distinguished for the day, make me too often s... more
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