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Each powerful sprinter, poised to explode when the gun went off, was keenly aware of what hung in the balance.
As social primates, humans are keenly interested in determining the direction of gaze of other humans.
Moreover, with their heightened self-awareness, gifted children keenly feel a personal loss caused by any developmental disorders.
Best wait and see if they stop closing before pointing too keenly at them.
But researchers are keenly anticipating more studies on the coal ash theory.
He was keenly aware that he had become the public face of science, a role he treated with seriously playful irreverence.
Sophisticated people are keenly aware of their own limitations.
Both countries strive to maintain that distinction and are keenly aware of the status of the other.
But the students did seem keenly aware of how financial pressures were affecting their campuses and their own futures.
The dead speak in various ways, but the dead poets-especially the great ones-speak more loudly, and other poets listen keenly.
As astronomers are only too keenly aware, interest is more or less synonymous with funding.
At midnight the storm abated, the rolling clouds parted, and the stars glittered keenly above the sleeping camp.
She had now learned more, and felt the danger more keenly.
In addition, it seemed to him that the failure of his play made him feel the cold more keenly.
The intellectual superiority of the oppressed people only rendered them more keenly sensible of their political degradation.
He had been standing up and looking keenly ahead of him.
The harshness of the change is at once traumatic, keenly detailed, and not quite right.
Franks was a soldier keenly attuned to that culture.
The few painters in the show are well chosen and register keenly.
She is also keenly aware of youthful speech patterns.
Collectors check their mileage statements as keenly as their bank statements.
But the report had been keenly awaited for another reason.
Voters will be watching keenly to see if those pledges can be made good.
Senior police officers, who sense that a precedent will be set, are keenly watching the head-to-head confrontation.
Corporate lawyers will watch keenly what the court decides in this case.
Three decades on, both state and central governments are keenly aware of the risks.
The yuan remains keenly priced and closely shepherded.
Never before have so many consumers become so keenly aware that industrial methods of meat production are unsustainable.
All three were accomplices to a crime, and they would have been keenly aware of that.
Bikers are keenly alive to their own safety, and tend to pay a lot more attention to the cars than the cars pay to them.
He has broad experience writing about many parts of the world, in keenly observant and idea-inflected prose.
He appreciated keenly the peculiarities of his acquaintances, and could characterize them with accuracy and wit.
None are more keenly aware of its limitations than those who started it and fought for its success.
He was agile, and in daylight could scale this keenly balanced mound in fifteen seconds.
One observation: they are keenly sensitive to air changes.
To its credit, the game goes to great lengths to drive you toward the former while keeping you keenly aware of the latter.
Covert-ops games have never been more fully realized or keenly executed.
Ski resorts around the world, keenly aware of the climate change threat, are seeking greener ways to power their slopes.
Scientists are keenly curious about these strange reptiles.
With their ears pricked forward and noses down to catch a scent, they're keenly alert to any sign of their rivals.
The residents aren't apocalyptic-the sign advertises a long-closed bar-but they are keenly aware of their place in the universe.
And part of its appeal is due to his gracefulness as a writer keenly attuned to revealing dialogue and telling detail.
On the peripheries, foreign academics were keenly aware that theirs was an imperfect science.
You're in the middle of clashing cultures, you're so keenly aware of history, you're constantly trying to understand.
He seemed keenly aware, however, that the shadows were closing in.
Every home builder is keenly interested in the opinions of potential home buyers.
With state and federal governments keenly awaiting the outcome, a heated contest is underway to win public favor.
Later, the mist clears and an osprey circles high above, its eyes keenly scanning for fish in the waters below.
We are keenly aware of light and its magical reflections.

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