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Example sentences for juxtaposition

The drama of the juxtaposition was lost in the shuffle.
And it's not just a juxtaposition of pattern but of time as well, combining the not-so-distant geologic past with the present.
Subtle colored backgrounds harmonize the juxtaposition of black-and-white sketches and prints with color reproductions.
This cultural juxtaposition is clearly revealed on the show.
That's a bigger juxtaposition, but no more weird.
It is a sobering juxtaposition, flipping channels these days from arena to arena.
It's digital dance music, filled with brain-teasing juxtaposition, that in the end doesn't really take a stand on anything at all.
It's the juxtaposition of all three elements that adds in the difficulty.
The juxtaposition illustrates a fascinating range of lived experience and captures the way the past still haunts the author.
But it is the deliberate repetition of the motifs and the juxtaposition of designs that give the shop its distinctive character.
Linear time disappears in favor of a poetic meditation upon the object, and within it, a curious juxtaposition of imagery.
And there was a marvelous juxtaposition in the film.
It's the juxtaposition of the nearby meadow flowers or turquoise lake that sets off the mountains' grandeur.
It's a juxtaposition that accurately reflects his personality.
There is nothing surprising about this juxtaposition.
The juxtaposition of these two simple data points shows that simply relying on alternative energy sources is not adequate.
But it's the juxtaposition of these things that it's got going for it.
There's a lot of people pushing and yelling, and it's a strange juxtaposition between the art of acting and the art of fashion.
And the juxtaposition of soul and country makes it particularly memorable.
Juxtaposition of widely divergent musical styles and idioms is nothing new.
Juxtaposition will take care of the seemingly non-creative bent of machine intelligence.
In that connection, here's a delightful juxtaposition.
The juxtaposition of this post and these ads are either great or unfortunate depending on how you look at it.
The ironic juxtaposition of pleasure, cruelty, and a rusting tractor adds a distinctive local flourish.
The installation concludes with an astonishing juxtaposition.
It is a magical fusion, an unexpected juxtaposition that creates an otherworldly moment.
The juxtaposition of his big legit voice with these silly songs was truly inspired.
Tectonic juxtaposition of two or more terranes, or tectonic juxtaposition of terranes to a continental margin.

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