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It takes one to two years for a juvenile to turn from a grayish color to the pink that we most associate with flamingoes.
In times when summer temperatures peaked, researchers found juvenile cod -- born in late winter -- to be smaller than usual.
This photo shows the progression of a juvenile whalefish turning into a male whalefish.
Retention of juvenile characteristics in the adults of a species, as among certain amphibians.
We have urged juvenile justice reform for decades.
The massive silverback was on guard and kept watch over the three females, two babies, and one juvenile.
But they are both juvenile and very cumbersome.
Thomas said she's visited her son in the juvenile detention center, where on some visits they are separated by glass.
If crows are the bullies of the bird world, magpies are the juvenile deliquents.
How can anyone bring a lawsuit against a juvenile?

Famous quotes containing the word juvenile

Recently, the Germans have developed a tendency to prefer the so-called first (youthful) style of great artists to their... more
The sea had jeeringly kept his finite body up, but drowned the infinite of his soul. Not drowned entirely, though. Rathe... more
I never found even in my juvenile hours that it was necessary to go a thousand miles in search of themes fo... more
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