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In the current economic climate, that's hard to justify.
Only then will I try to justify its price.
Don't justify holding back by saying that you don't know the answers; at times like this, nobody does.
When you win the lottery, no one's asking you to justify it.
Each nation seeks to justify warfare by creating a monstrous image of its enemy.
The product is still good, and it has some nice extras that justify the cost, but there are other choices.
One does not justify the other.
The end must justify the means.
They're starchy, thick and filling, and rarely made well enough at home to justify the work.
Like most of academe, libraries have been feeling increased pressure to justify themselves quantitatively.
He wanted to examine future programs that would justify its existence, but everyone else wanted to focus on the architecture.
But the panels would then produce enough additional electricity to justify the price.
Before you can receive these benefits, however, you'll probably need to justify why the company should invest in your education.
But a biometric identification system could be a unique identifier that might justify its additional expense for some vendors.
Justify it by the amount of money it brings in but use that money on the same sort of stuff for the next campaign.
Rural areas tend to have too few paying subscribers to justify building out any infrastructure.
Unfortunately, it's not yet clear if electric cars will sell fast enough to justify all this battery production.
Building a new energy future will not be easy but the ends will certainly justify the means.
Moniz subsequently created a fanciful theory of abnormally stabilized pathways in the brain to justify his operation.
Moreover, the substance of the arguments they used to justify this level of secrecy was and is secret itself.
It remained throughout the trial an unsubstantiated charge that, to the defense, seemed to justify the beating.
They ride into office on great false hopes and quickly discover they can do nothing to justify those hopes.
Of course, examination of the facts in the individual cases may reveal reasons which justify the differences.
There is certainly no prospect of such a reduction in immigration as would justify any relaxation of our present immigration laws.
The probability of such a sudden swerve is too small to justify not driving.
Not surprisingly, the results failed to justify his promise.
Employers are paralyzed by fear that the economy could double dip and that demand is too low to justify new investments.
If service can justify citizenship, then perhaps citizenship should require service, whether military or civilian.
There is no way to justify bringing a weapon to school.
And it's becoming more difficult to justify retiring with the civilian job market so bad.
It's a way of life trying desperately to sustain itself and justify its own existence.
The professors, though they talk of utility, give examples of competing rights which they say justify limiting political rights.
It grew out of the necessity to discipline and morally justify a system of exploitation.
When any genetic bias is demonstrated, it cannot be used to justify a continuing practice in present and future societies.
Rather, they were also trying to maximize their profits and justify large salaries and bonuses for their executives.
Some six hundred have been released, many because there was not sufficient evidence to justify their detention in the first place.
Yes, there are precedents that would justify upholding the mandate.
Unfortunately, the government has exploited it ever since to help justify policies that have degraded the country's democracy.
It would be large enough to justify the external infrastructure without which the digital marketplace cannot function.
But no one knows how leaders justify these practices to themselves.
If that is enough to justify overruling, no important precedent would be safe.
The new construction is designed to justify outrageous ticket prices.
The students were asking me to justify the return on investment in a college education.
To justify their calling, they had to insist that poetry had more to do with authenticity than artistry.
Their fact reporting did not seem to justify an immediately triumphal outlook, however.
For years, the district council struggled to find tenants to justify the costly overhaul.
Insurance companies must now justify proposed rate increases for your health insurance.
Justify geometric relationships using transformational techniques.

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