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Example sentences for jury room

The request for a copy of the oath could signal that the harmony in the jury room has begun to fray.
In the jury room, she called for a hung jury so she could get back to her boyfriend.
And it goes back into the jury room with the evidence.
As deliberations drag on, partisanship might be the cause of friction in the jury room.
It makes for taut, absorbing, and compelling drama that reaches far beyond the close confines of its jury room setting.
Ultimately the verdict must be determined in the jury room, where at first the jurors are divided straight down gender lines.
Either all the action takes place in the jury room or moviegoers are kept completely in the dark about deliberations.
But none can guarantee that a judge will never be faced with a distressingly underpopulated jury room some fine morning.
The jury had been deliberating since last week, and had been in the jury room for much of the last three days.
First day jurors must sign in immediately upon entering the jury room.
Until a verdict is announced, no outsider should ever know what goes on in the jury room.
Because of the reorganization of the executive space, the governor may have set up a private office in the former jury room.
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