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The heavily nuanced legal flap surrounded instructions a federal judge had given to the jury.
Serving on a criminal jury exposes one to unpleasant realities about the legal system and human nature.
Jury selection in the trial is expected to continue all week.
Most of those notions proved false or impractical, and the jury is still out on the rest.
In an effort to avoid prison, defendants have increasingly demanded jury trials.
The jury may be out on whether you can teach old dogs new tricks.
When you review some of these wrongful conviction cases, it's clear that the jury did not do its job.
The jury will consider each entry on its own merits and is empowered to grant as many awards as the submissions justify.
Criminal defendants rarely face jury trials, because they have.
Jury trials over accounting matters are unpredictable, given their technical nature and jurors' limited expertise.
Humanity, and the verdict rendered by the jury of intellectuals.
The jury is out on the balance of benefit and harm from testing for dementia that results from an incurable disease.
However, until there is more concrete scientific research, the jury is still out.
Attorney's office says it can not comment on an open grand jury investigation.
But it proved impossible to distract the jury from what was said in those calls.
In short, the jury is still out on the question of whether organic foods are more nutritious.
Even some winners would be on the hook, if the jury award is much less than they had previously been offered in a settlement.
It can strengthen a jury decision or question the reliability of a contrasting jury decision.
He is determined to abolish the right of some defendants to opt for a trial by jury.
In science, the jury is never finished deliberating but a consensus, nonetheless can be reached.
These remarks alone would probably have sufficed to prejudice a jury against the defendants.
The jury is still out on whether these marine mammals also endure hot flashes.
He might also have celebrated the jury deadlocking on two charges of attempted extortion.
He added that jury instructions were confusing altogether.
In the other, the shooter was prosecuted, but the jury found him not guilty.
In the case of physics the jury is still out as there isn't enough evidence for physics to form a consensus yet.
The jury did not believe him, but was in doubt as to his real target and how many were involved.
There is no jury system, and judicial precedent is generally considered to be binding.
The investigation had lasted only a few weeks and was never put before a grand jury-or reported in the newspapers.
Seven were convicted by an all-white jury, eight were acquitted and three were released after jurors deadlocked.
The appellate court held that a jury might find otherwise.
The grand jury indictment is graphic and troubling in its scope and detail.
He puts the needful facts before the jury, and then rests his case.
The proper jury to render the verdict would be one of poets.
Other folklore about jury selection soon came my way.
Past that, he told the jury, he did not give a fig about the facts in this case.
In many borderline cases involving financial fraud, the crime ultimately lies in the eye of a beholding jury or judge.
The jury found the two arson defendants guilty, but the judge handed down lenient sentences.
Many felt that if he had admitted the affair, the jury might have believed the rest of his story.
The jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty.
He was indicted on federal charges not long after the killings, but he benefitted at trial from a deadlocked jury.
His example was how the average joe rises to the occasion of jury duty.
But the cost of defense is high, and when doctors lose, the average jury verdict is half a million dollars.
The scene is informed by the do-it-yourself ethic of punk rock and hacker culture, and many artists rely on jury-rigged gadgets.
The jury's always out on the commercial viability of any new technology, before its developers' claims can be accepted.
Except the jury-with a clever marketing strategy-has been rigged.
Earlier, to a grand jury, he reportedly said that upon seeing the incident he left the building and called his father.
One of the conspirators, called before a grand jury, informed others that he would have to tell the truth.
No criminal charges have been filed, but the district is scrambling to respond to two sweeping grand jury subpoenas.
But the jury-rigged look restores some of the glamour lost through familiarity.
Jury duty is bad enough, but imagine not being able to check your phone or e-mail to help relieve the boredom.
As evolutionary theory evolved, however, the system had to be jury-rigged.
The jury's decision reflects a profound shift in the way our culture views people who are excessively overweight.
And he thinks that natural selection could well have jury-rigged those preexisting structures to perform some new functions.
The jury is still out on the fate of the blue whale.
The jury is still out on this in our own solar system.
Other trial highlights were few and far between, and even certain jury members struggled to pay attention.
The jury was to focus on the intentions of the company, not on the tonnage-based theory of the plaintiff.
Sometimes, possibly quite often, they acted as judge and jury in the quarters.
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