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Some precedents were overruled, others sharply limited in a gaudy show of zero-based jurisprudence.
Auto industry jurisprudence is relevant in this matter.
Jurisprudence has always been a wild card in the legal deck.
Today, a growing body of jurisprudence is helping to flesh out these rights.
If the jurisprudence of gun control is treacherous, the politics are a nightmare.
It was that jurisprudence that was the underlying focus of the dispute among the justices.
Narratives fit squarely within legal discourse and jurisprudence.
Applying this method with infinite patience, he covered the whole field of ethics, jurisprudence and politics.
But this regarded only certain decrees of discipline, in which particular churches often follow their own jurisprudence.
It would be a means of squaring the occasional decrees of a democracy to some principles of general jurisprudence.
His personality and his jurisprudence do not allow for it.
At this early stage in his career, his jurisprudence seems guided to an unusual degree by raw anger.
Some of jurisprudence's bold-faced names think it's a solid defense.
But they are not incoherent and they are not the jurisprudence of fiat.
Machinations aside, jurisprudence about clerical rights is evolving fast and unpredictably.
The government now seems to be applying a similar ingenuity to jurisprudence.
Jurisprudence would tell you though, that laws are supposed to be fair to all parties involved.
On the contrary, the record of more than a century of our free exercise jurisprudence contradicts that proposition.
But it shouldn't compound them with authoritarian jurisprudence.

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