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Judgment upon any award rendered may be entered in the highest court of the forum, state or federal, having jurisdiction.
The scope of universal jurisdiction is disputed.
The ethics commission, however, dismissed the complaint for lack of jurisdiction.
The commission said that the majority of material on the Net was still text, and thus outside its jurisdiction.
Establishing jurisdiction over contractors for crimes committed overseas can be tricky.
Their country has no jurisdiction in foreign nations, and therefore can seldom procure them any monopoly there.
The sole issue in this case was the petitioner's right to invoke the admiralty jurisdiction of the federal court.
Depending on jurisdiction, this could be a very serious problem.
That court and that case do indeed have jurisdiction in our state.
It was an office tenable for five years during which its bearer was invested with supreme despotic powers within his jurisdiction.
The fossils are presently under the jurisdiction of a federal bankruptcy court.
Set up appropriate bins for each material if your local jurisdiction doesn't provide or sell bins.
Chaotically confused jurisdiction and land-ownership issues made matters worse.
The election doesn't even really tell us what the residents of the jurisdiction want.
And each jurisdiction has the ability to modify the codes to meet their unique requirements.
The major hurdle could be legal, depending on jurisdiction.
They also questioned the plaintiffs' standing and the court's jurisdiction.
One would think that faculty senates exercise jurisdiction over a range of college life and policy.
And as a parliamentary committee pointed out last year, it has no jurisdiction whatever over academic standards.
The principle of universal jurisdiction also applies to the enforcement of grave breaches.
About a dozen federal agencies have jurisdiction over food safety right now.
But social news efforts often draw on a national audience that's actually quite small in a given jurisdiction.
In this high-stakes game the developers hold many of the cards, because they can play one jurisdiction off another.
Mark seems to be confusing scope of description with zones of jurisdiction.
Ships in port are not beyond limits of national jurisdiction.
But when they do arise, there are a number of procedures for a local jurisdiction to follow.
Without this procedure the jurisdiction cannot generate its own certificates, the private key of which it owns.
The suit must be dismissed for want of jurisdiction.
First, they claim legal jurisdiction over information stored on servers within their own borders.
Much of it is spent within the governed jurisdiction.
Their jurisdiction was hazy, but their demeanour unmistakable.
It's the same whether it's the state or local jurisdiction.
Military tribunals have jurisdiction over such cases.
Under this idea, only one vote would ever matter in any jurisdiction.
Developers are jumping over land that is under the council's jurisdiction and building on land beyond it.
Courts of limited jurisdiction include district and municipal courts.

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