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Not that it has to be junk food to inspire play, of course.
Most must resort to an iron self-discipline bolstered by a hefty dose of superiority over those who eat junk food.
The diets of many people in developed countries are too high in the fats, salt, and refined sugars found in junk food.
But they persevered, and the result is gourmet junk food.
The overly-stigmatized ritual is only problematic when junk food boxes and bags are emptied in a matter of hours, not days.
It's easy to stereotype obesity as an affliction of the poor, since low-end junk food is so aggressively marketed.
Discover the tips and tricks for buying cheap while avoiding a junk food-only diet.
With ethanol at the pump and junk food and soda pop on the shelves, our gas station convenience stores are modern corn palaces.
Henry was emaciated and malnourished, having subsisted largely on soda and junk food pushed through the bars of his cage.
Chances are, this junk food option will cause some strong opinions.
Of course, birds don't eat junk food: even seed-eaters switch to insect-heavy diets rich in energy-dense polyunsaturated fats.
It's the junk food of conversation: quick, sugary, sickening in excess-and unavoidable.
Otherwise, you can always go with the old standbys of junk food and comic books.
Nowadays many live on junk food which is unhealthy and brings too many unknown diseases.
Eat fruits and vegetables and don't eat too much junk food it is and enjoy what you are eating.
Stop all the junk food purchases and this might help.
Thus, many health experts advocate legislation-for instance, a tax on junk food-that promotes healthy eating.
Cutting way back on over processed junk food would help a lot too.
Their limited resources are not wasted on excess junk food.
Formula is junk food for babies, linked to immunological and intellectual impairment.
High in calories but low in nutrition, junk food isn't exactly optimal fuel for kids.
The rats fed on junk food displayed a hallmark of addiction.
Especially consider that we're practically the only species that smokes cigarettes and eats junk food.
Nearly one-third of our calories come from junk food and alcohol.
People need to realize that really cheap beef is available to us because cows are being fed corn, grains, and leftover junk food.
Then he'd eat junk food, sometimes twice a day, five days a week.
She said he was eating a substantial amount of junk food.
Experiments on rats suggest that a taste for junk food can be acquired in the womb.
The only thing that the party's various factions seem to have in common is an obsession with junk food.
The policy option that is really going to make a difference on obesity rates among children and adults: a junk food tax.
And there was growing concern about obesity and junk food.
And eating junk food is not unhealthy as long as one eats in moderation and exercises regularly.
Neither is drinking lots of alcohol, driving fast or eating junk food.
The government is working on a voluntary code with the food industry to limit the advertising of junk food to children.
New research on food addiction has made junk food the latest narcotic.
Parents could still order junk food, but the default meal should be healthy.
Her food philosophy is simply to eat healthy, and she gets the connection between junk food and obesity.
Find something else to do to get your mind off of eating junk food.
Fish and other sea creatures are important to us, and they are about as far away from junk food as you can get.
Fast food and junk food marketing to children is big business because it works.
Work with grocery stores and businesses to limit displays and ads of junk food and candy aimed at children.

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