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Flight engineers were either senior professional engineers or junior pilots.
These students must have completed their junior year.
The junior scientists found that four percent of the straight teas contained additional plant material.
In my junior year of high school, my guidance counselor did his best to encourage me to pursue a career in art education.
Junior exhibitors and their charges get ready for the ring.
Especially in a high school or junior high-school setting.
He and the other nationalist leaders were hardly junior officers.
It instantly becomes another objective junior synonym.
It took a failed nuclear inspection, two missile trucks crashing, and junior officers literally dozing off with launch codes.
Maybe it is the fate of junior partners to fret about being jilted.
There was one junior trader who perpetrated this fraud.
Such grumbling has mostly come from junior officials.
One of them already warned me off involving the junior faculty in conflicts.
Only in their third junior year will students be judged strictly on academic performance.
It's humbling to pit your wits against these junior geographic geniuses.
As a relatively new junior faculty member, the specter of the tenure process looms in the nooks of my professional mind.
Then when she gets to junior high everything changes.
Junior explorers can gear up for adventure and examine their neighborhood through and through with our all-in-one kit.
Much of the duff information came from ignorant sales people and junior staff.
In the end they decided to send up the lowest of the junior page-boys.
In the spring of my junior year in college, one of my roommates returned from break with several decoupaged icons.
He then accepted a junior faculty position, studying the immune system.
Colleges looking to hire junior faculty members are enjoying something of a buyer's market these days.
Take time to socialize with junior and senior colleagues at laboratory or department functions.
For promotion and tenure, mentoring is essential, but the dyad need not always be a senior scholar tutoring a junior one.
We actually thought these expert systems were going allow junior people to perform at the level of experts.
Today, the term may conjure up memories of sewing and baking cookies in junior high school.
Entering as a junior, you'll find it easier to find and enroll with interesting professors.
But the other is really the opposite, as when a senior researcher and his or her junior collaborator are near neighbors.
Only years later do parents really being to understand why junior was acting that way.
As a result students were having trouble making the transition from sophomore to junior year, and some were leaving school.
Alex recalled one week during his junior year when he had four term papers due.
Pat's jobs as a telephone operator, a bank janitor, and a typist helped to pay for her tuition at a junior college.
Teaching composition has long been regarded as a kind of internship obligation for graduate students and junior professors.
By his junior year he was the starting varsity shortstop.
The bride-five years his junior-wore a brown cut-velvet dress which emphasized her slender waist and long, graceful back.

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